compressing outlook express

By wdavok ·
everybody is talking about this matter but nobody found a resolution not even windows tries to resolve this unwanted file compressing procedures

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So, what exactly are they (and you) talking about?

by seanferd In reply to compressing outlook expre ...

Compressing Outlook Express? What does this mean, and how is it a problem?

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Beat me to it seanferd.

by OH Smeg In reply to So, what exactly are they ...

Pity that TR is still playing up I had 5 404 trying to Post a Response.


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by seanferd In reply to Beat me to it seanferd. : ...

I've been pretty luck of late, avoiding the TR gremlins.

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Simple Fix

by TheChas In reply to compressing outlook expre ...

Actually, there are 2 simple fixes for Outlook Express's passion for folder compression.

1. Use a different email client such as Mozilla Thunderbird.

2. Save your important messages as files and delete them from Outlook Express. If the amount of space the messages take up is small, OE will not try and compress the folders.


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Thanks Chas

by seanferd In reply to Simple Fix

I had no idea what the deal was there, at all.

I see - it compresses then moves the darn folders. Ugh. And I suppose it you don't catch it in time to decline this "feature" (is that a timed option?), then you might have no idea what happened.

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Were It That Simple

by TheChas In reply to Thanks Chas

It would be nice if OE folder compression was as easy as a timed event. No, OE makes it's decision on when to compress the folders based on being able to reduce the size of the folders by a percentage.

Also, when OE compresses the mail folders they are not so much moved as replaced. As each folder is compressed, the old folder is moved to the recycle bin and the newly compressed folder takes it's place.


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by seanferd In reply to Were It That Simple

I'd read differently somewhere, perhaps different versions work differently, or the info was wrong.

It indicated that 1) there was a dialog box what appeared threatening compression, which some folks aborted, and 2) the IDX/DBX or whatever files may be dumped in the root dir or something.

I appreciate the further info you provided even more. Thanks.

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