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compression of web graphic images

By dhallman7 ·
My graphics images look fine when I create them, they look good even after Front Page 2003 compresses them a bit. But after they are displayed on my website they have unsightly streaks and the lettering is puffy and blurred, and that which I spent alot of time on looks awful. It seems to me there must be further compression of my files by the Web Server that is causing the problem. If I use BMPs rather then JPGs there is no distortion and the images look great, but the file size goes from KBs to MGs to get an exponential gain in quality. Is there any setting on Front Page that will stop the Web Server from further compressing JPGs?
Or is there a file type I could use that would be a smaller file size with better quality? I have heard many web designers say TIFs are better, but many web servers do not support TIFs and also they do not say the files are as small as JPGs, just that as You add layers of work the files remain a consistent size. Anyway I would like my Photoshop graphics files to look better on the web.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to compression of web graphi ...

The real fix here is to dump Front Page and go with a real Web Page editor as front page like most MS software doesn't do a great job of publishing pictures to the Web. It's great for linking in active data like graphs and the like but almost useless for graphic images.

Currently dreamwaever seems to work quite well and that is what i would be using instead of front page if you want a great professional looking site.

What you have to do is chose the right tool for the job that you are doing and unfortunately Front Page just doesn't suit what you require here.


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by dhallman7 In reply to

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by dhallman7 In reply to compression of web graphi ...

Thank You so much! I have friends who sware by Macromedia/Dream Weaver and Fireworks-but I did not understand why they insisted they were better. I didn't understand they worked with graphics better. Now I KNOW. Thank You for sharing Your wisdom, I will get a copy of Dream Weaver ASAP.

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by dhallman7 In reply to compression of web graphi ...

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