Compter Crashing

By yuki_nagato2 ·
It seems whenever I try to install any program at all, my computer freezes up right when the download is complete, and then reboots. Any idea what the problem could be?

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Look at CPU/Case FAN, RAM, and/or Windows install.

by Reb00t In reply to Compter Crashing
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by MyLittleMansAnIdiot In reply to Compter Crashing

Do you have up-to-date virus software? have you run spyware/malware software?

Unfortunately, there's a myriad of causes for this sort of problem. Try the easiest solutions to begin with, like doing a virus scan with an updated virus scanner, run a spyware checker like Adaware or Spybot S&amp. Then check the hardware components to your ability. From there the next step is to seek professional help from a local computer servicer.

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Hardware Problem

by cmartell In reply to Compter Crashing

Whenever a computer reboots by itself, its usually caused by some type of hardware failure. How old is the PC? IF it's more that 3-4 years old, then the chance of this being hardware failure is greater. When the problem happens during a software install, then it points to the hard drive which is the most likely component to fail.

Reboot the computer and check the Windows System log. look for disk errors. If you see any, then you have a failing hard drive. Backup your data then run checkdisk. Did checkdisk find errors? Then the drive is having some problems.

If niether one of these yeilds a clue, it may be the system board in wich case, time to get a new PC.
I'd say the chances of this being software problem are about 1%. It might be time to buy a new one...

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