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CompTIA A+ courses?

By dariun ·
Hi everyone

I'm not sure if this is the best place to ask this question but I don't know any other place where I might get the required answers :)

In short I'm looking into some computer/pc based training courses to get a recognised skill on my CV etc.

I'm interested in building pc systems and maintaning them.

I came across several sites quoting CompTIA A+ courses and just wanted some info from people who have either done or are doing the course or people who have some knowledge of these courses.

I am a bit sceptical of online courses and was wondering whether the CompTIA A+ (and any other courses that may come to mind) are legit and recognised by various companies and organisations?

Thanks a lot for all your help and info/advice in advance!!

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They may be

by IC-IT In reply to CompTIA A+ courses?

legit, but you can do a self-study on the A+ and save a bunch of cash.
Here are a few Google responses (and the book stores have a nice fat guide);

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Exam Cram

by patb071 In reply to They may be

I would recommend Exam Cram only if you have some expierence to back you up.

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You can do it without paying for the info

by IT-Sim?n In reply to CompTIA A+ courses?

You see, there is a lot of the information you need for the A+ online.. and at public librarys you'll find tons of stuff on this.
you just need to know what the test covers.

and YES! having your A+ will get you in the door with more businesses. i believe A+ is equivalent to 5 years of field experience to most employers.

i took the test after reviewing everything for a couple of weeks and aced it. not too difficult.

you just have to make sure you understand the booting process of a computer so you can troubleshoot any isues.

another big big part of it will be based on laser printers, and troubleshooting laser printers.

this is all correct for the exam i took in march 2007.

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by dariun In reply to You can do it without pay ...

hey everyone, ty for your replies :) im still looking into the whole CompTIA A+ and other possible computing courses before I commit myself :)

thanks again for your help!

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