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CompTIA no longer has contact info on site to report bad techs

By devlin_X ·
It use to be that CompTIA had an area on their site where you could report bad techs that were A+ certified. I have since been there and found there is no mention of where to report shoddy techs. They have gone to a strictly money making diploma mill.

Where I work we hired two techs that supposedly are A+ certified. What kind of people are they letting get certifications? These guys don't even know what ESD safety is. I own my own PC repair business, I also work at this retailer for benefits. One day I go walking through the tech dept (I work sales there to keep from a conflict of interest) and they ask *ME* how to get a hard drive out of the laptop they are working on....What? certified by who? how did these people pass?!?!?!

CompTIA has no where to report incompetence so they can maintain the integrity of their certifications.

Sorry CompTIA I'd never use your certifications as a pass or fail in consideration of hiring someone since my non-tech trained daughter knows more about how to properly service a PC than these A+ certified idiots!

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Neither does Cisco

by cjordan In reply to CompTIA no longer has con ...

Wow, you made some big generalizations there.

Since Cisco and Microsoft don't allow you to report 'bad' techs, does that mean their certs are garbage too?

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newbees can pass an A+ too.

by eM DuBYaH In reply to Neither does Cisco

They were probably freshly certified newbees. After working in the field for awhile, they'll get up to speed. Doesn't invalidate the cert. How much working experience did these A+ techies have?

I'm A+ certified, AND I have 15 years experience. I know my stuff. Last year I passed the 3 new A+ exams, without needing to study. I hope my certs help me out when I apply for a job.

Goes for any cert. You have your people that really know their craft inside and out, and then you have others that just passed the exam. Doesn't make them bad people, just need a chance. Get on the job, and you learn.

I'm sure when you first started your PC repair business you weren't all that, you needed time to get up to speed.

Next time you hire someone don't count them out based on a cert alone. Look at their experience/work history. If you hire someone who's never worked a tech job before, be prepared to mentor them, don't expect them to walk on water just because they were smart enough to pass an exam.

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I wasn't refering to new certs although....

by devlin_X In reply to newbees can pass an A+ to ...

even newly certified should know ESD safety! I have been amazed at the number of even seasoned techs I've come across who don't use even basic ESD protections. Many especially those in the retailers who have their own techs seem to be the worst! Just about anything wrong that isn't hardware failure is anwsered by "We recommend a system restore". Their churning out techs with horrible skills and think their great. Then they wonder why I won't hire them.....

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i definitely agree

by eM DuBYaH In reply to I wasn't refering to new ...

with you and the "techs" in the retail sector. they think they
are the UBER techs, and aren't. The system restore response
is the catchall response when they don't know how to fix
something. it IS unfortunate, but what do you expect?
someone getting paid 7 or 8 bux an hour isn't going to be on
top of his game.

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by vhrocker In reply to CompTIA no longer has con ...

I once did some work for a man that just opened up a computer repair shop. He had me install his network. He just got his A+, and I was amazed that he hired me (as a consultant) to do work for his own office. What surprised me more was that he called me over a year later for the same thing and then again a year after that. I thought he would have taught himself the 'basics' of networking by that time.

Since then I learned that A+, and other minor certs are just the baseline and have not wasted my money on obtaining them. I've worked soul-ey for myself for the past 3 years and found no benefit except from proprietary certs (MCP, Cisco, etc.)

I learned most of my knowledge from reading and experimenting and because of the 'love' of technology. It's crazy these guys are out there pretending to be experts.

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