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    CompTIA (non-PROFIT??)


    by wpiersall ·

    This is just insane!!!

    I thought CompTIA was a non-profit org that was to promote the computer industry? They claim to be “committed to helping” how wonderful! Their certs are now the standard of the industry.

    Then they have decided to drop a bomb!!

    It was release today be CompTIA that “As of October 31, 2005 that CompTIA will not honor any sales of discount vouchers.” Their new discount program will be $10 off.

    As if it doesn’t cost enough to get training materials or for classes!!! At least we could save some money on the exams to certified.

    Oh and big surprise… their going to raise the cost of exams!!!!

    Lets get real… if your just starting out and working in this field, your not making the money to get certs and live your a life.

    Should we all call CompTIA and ask “Why, would you do that? How is that helping “Individuals Improve their Careers”? Phone: 630.678.8300
    Fax: 630.268.1384

    Could this mean the will be the only remaining TRUE non-profit to remain?

    ETA-I offers CST which is the same as A+ and CNST which would be Network+.

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