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    Compuer Crashes, please help!


    by damasta_420 ·

    I have an Asus A7S333 Motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2100 Processor, running Windows XP. My computer will crash at random times, somtimes after its been on a day, sometimes for a couple of hours. The comptuer just shuts off, the power light on the motherboard remains on, but i must unplug the computer from the wall before it will turn back on. It is definately not a virus. I replaced my hard drive. I replaced my heatsink and fan to a more powerful one, to assure it isnt a heat problem. After it crashes, I unplug it, plug it back in, boot it up, and i get a Ivalid System Disk error.(only after it crashes) I reboot again and it boots to windows fine. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciative. Email to : Thanks

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      Discussion: Compuer Crashes, please help!

      by evilspamman ·

      In reply to Compuer Crashes, please help!

      I had an identical problem. Here?s how I dealt with it:

      First, I tried swapping the ports my hard drives were plugged into on the board? since my cdROMs were working I swapped with those. Booted up ? cdROMs found, hard drives not. Then I tried other cables for the hard drives ? same problem. After trying every possible combination of cables/ports I determined that the problem was not cables and not ports. So I figured that there was something wrong with my mother board, since it miraculously stopped recognizing both hard drives at the same time. I sent my board to Soyo (have the KT333 Dragon Platinum) and paid extra for the 3-5 day express service.

      I got it back in about 5 weeks ? no refund. (Nice customer service, I know) I booted up and everything was great? until the next day when it crashed and once again couldn?t find my drives. After I said a lot of swear words, as well as an arrangement of words and sounds never before heard by human ears, I tested my drives in another computer, and they worked fine. So I figured Soyo was as bad at fixing boards as they were at returning them on time. As a shot in the dark ? I tried new hard drives. Magically ? they worked fine. So? I used another computer to back up my old drives onto my new ones and put them back in my computer ? and it?s been working fine ever since? even though there was really nothing wrong with my old drives.

      SO ? the point is? you may need to send your board in to the manufacturer? but first I would try my drives in another computer ? and also try different drives in your computer (not identical to your old ones) and see if your board recognizes them. For some reason your board may have flaked out and just decided to that it didn?t like your particular drives, but will still play well with others.

      Hope all this helps ? Good luck!


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