By uhuru4 ·
I have two questions. I have a Fujitsu siemens
540@1.86ghz 504mb ram. I know that I need to increase the ram and I purchased 1gig. First what should i set the page file to. please give me the min and the max for one Gig ram. This may be part of my problem, I have slow computer slower than it was before. How can I get some speed back. I defrag the hard but the windows and the internet takes seems like days to load. I have cable at 10 meg speed. The tech from the cable company say its the computer. Ran antivirus and found nothing. When I close windows it jumps its way down the sreen rather than smothly closing.

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by cmiller5400 In reply to computer

What type of processor is it (AMD, Intel Pentium, Celeron etc...)? The Celeron's are a SLOW processor because they have less on-die cache memory, thus have to go father for more cache and that slows them down.

the virtual memory should be 1.5 times the total memory. So 1 GB memory should have a 1.5 GB page file. You can set the min an max to both 1.5GB.

I'd also suggest that you make sure that your hard disk isn't dying.

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by uhuru4 In reply to Huh?

how would I make sure that the hard disk is not dying. because it is only when I first start the computer do it load slow. I can close(shut down) and re start and it loads quicker.

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To test the HDD you need to use it's Makers Testing Utility

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to computer

Click on the Drive Makers Name and you'll be directed tot he download for that Make of Drive.

Depending on what you have either copy to a Floppy or a CD and boot off that to test the HDD.


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by patb071 In reply to computer

When you say

I have slow computer slower than it was before.

Are you talking about before you installed the Ram? Is your ram compatible with the system? How much ram are you showing now? What was it before?

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M$ recommend for the Page File Size

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to computer

A minimum of 1.5 Times the Amount of RAM as a Minimum and 2 Times the Installed RAM as a Max Value.

So if you have 1 GIG loaded that would give you a 1,5 GIG lower Value and a 2 Gig Upper Value though you can use the 1500 and 2000 and not the actual values of a True GIG of RAM.

As for a Slow system assuming that you entered the BIOS after fitting the RAM and made sure that the actual amount installed was being shown and saved the changes as you exited the BIOS then have you scanned for Malware?

Of course if you didn't save the Changes in the BIOS to the New Values of the Installed RAM then the system is attempting to Map the 1 Gig amount as 512 Meg and messing things up completely. You can also check the amount of RAM dedicated to producing Video here and maybe lower than as you did actually have 512 MEG installed not the listed 504.


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And, of course.... one last question would be....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to computer

just how full is your hard drive? If it's more than 1/2 full, the system starts to slow down. If it's nearly full, they system will crawl.

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And to add -- if all else fals

by The Scummy One In reply to computer

run a memory tester. The system checks memory, however it is a quick test. A good memory tester can tell if there are other problems with the RAM. In this case, the system can slow or BSOD or both.

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When you added the RAM

by Jacky Howe In reply to computer

did you go back into BIOS to see if it was detected properly. Also you could try resetting the BIOS back to Default and save the settings on exit.

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