By dmiles ·
Any one has suggestions on building a system using Pentium 4 parts

Motherboard is my main concern,what suggestions would you have for the top of the line P4 motherboard to match,with 3.4 Extreme CPU
256 agp card 6800 GS
120 GB IDE
Sony DVD/+R

Currently have an 19" Samsung LCD,any suggestions on an upgrade would be appreciated
the only problem I have with current LCD panel is that I get an error that the software for panel is not supported by OS using Windows XP home.
Thanks in Advance

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LGA775? Prescott???

by CG IT In reply to Computer

Intel board. 4GB memory DDR2, 4 SATA in RAID 5 PCIe X16.. weak on PCI slots but every other offering is weak on memory slots.

save yourself a headache on AGP and upgrade to PCIe X16. there are any # of cards for like the 7600 GS for around $100.00 USD

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by dmiles In reply to LGA775? Prescott???

At this time I am not ready to do a complete upgrade,would like to stick with configuration.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Computer

it is a socket 478 go with a Gigabyte Board with an Intel Chipset. There are a few good ones still out there.

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by Sentient54 In reply to Computer

I have had a lot of luck with XFX boards.Tigerdirect has 3 good ones,
XFX MBN590ASH9 SLI 139.99
XFX Geforce 68iLT SLI 169.99
XFX nforce 68i SLI Dual Gigabyte Lan 239.99
all have SATA and AGP and Raid hookups
Hope this helps

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Computer build

by dmiles In reply to motherboards

I would prefer to stivk with the current P4 configuration,Funding is limited so upgrading is out of the question at the moment.So I am looking for suggestions using a P4 MB.

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