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Computer 2 POWER-full

By crista_long ·
My computer zaps me every time I turn it on - the casing of the hard drive. In every other way the computer works good, and I don't have a clue what's wrong or how to fix. It has a charge the whole time, and take's a while to leave after turned off. I'm not using this computer until I can fix it.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer 2 POWER-full

Is this a single zap when you touch the case?

Or, is it a continuous shock when you touch the case.

In the case of a single shock each time you touch the case, your problem is static electricity.
The friction between your chair and the carpet or chair pad is generating a static charge.
Your computer case being grounded simply provides a path for the static electricity to discharge.

If this just recently started, one possible trigger is your heating system. Most heating systems reduce the humidity of the air increasing the chance and strength of static charges.
Using a humidifier near the computer can help.

In the case of a continuous shock when you touch the case, you have an electrical problem.


While it might be a problem with the power supply in the PC, it is also possible that the safety ground on the outlet has failed. Or some other wiring problem exists.

There are various ways to check for either issue that require special tools and equipment.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer 2 POWER-full

Well from your description the case itself is live as I take it from your comment

"It has a charge the whole time, and take's a while to leave after turned off."

Now there are only a couple of things that can cause this one is one of the 12 VDC or 5 VDC leads caught between a drive and the chassis but that shouldn't give you a ZAP or the Power Supply is faulty and making the case live. If you had to put on a power plug to the lead you most likely have wired it up wrong but if the plug was on the lead you have either a bad Power Supply which is using the earth as a Negative side of the circuit or a badly wired power point. If you plug in another earthed appliance do you get Zapped by it?

If the answer to the second question is NO! then you need to look at either the lead or power supply either way don't use the unit as it is dangerous and potentially fatal so you need to have it fixed IMMEDIATELY by someone qualified to do so.

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by hozcanhan In reply to Computer 2 POWER-full

I know what's wrong ! How am I so sure ? I was zapped too .. Most probably your power mains input is no good . Your grounding must be poor . Here is how to fix it . Your voltage supply (input) should be as follows . Voltage ( Phase (Live) And Neutral ) should be Nominal ( 220 V ) plus or minus 1 V ( ie, 219 or 220 ) . Your V ( Neutral and Ground ) should be around 1 volt. IF your V ( Phase-Neutral) and V ( Neutral-Ground ) are anything else i.e 30 V or 180 V or 11V , you are in danger . There is no thing as continious charge . If input grounding is ok , you have to check for a short circuit between the mother board and the case .

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by OTL In reply to Computer 2 POWER-full

Agree with Chas, continous charge then you have an electrical problem, single zap then static electricity. Must add I am a very electrical person - dry concrete and rubber soled boot I can absorb 75V on a 150V scale, with the optimimum air humidity. Is the zap seasonal ? Do you get zapped touching a water faucet ? Could be you building a static charge and the case is just discharging you.

If you touch it once and get zapped, tried touching it again without moving much ? Get zapped ? Would indicate a possible electrical problem as the initial touch should have discharged you. For $5-7 you can buy an outlet tester with 3 idiot lights, what they mean is on the side of it. Using a multi-meter may not always give you the most accurate reading as you may not see the difference in voltage potential on a slightly bad connection, it may take a load to cause it to be bad. A plugged in PC is a very small load on the home electrical system.

One thing you could do to test is plug it into another outlet in the same room, same problem. Try it in another room with the same type flooring, this is the most typical static builder in the home (carpeting).

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by wlbowers In reply to Computer 2 POWER-full

At your local hardware store. Sears, Lowes, Home Depot. Look for a wall socket tester.

It will plug into the wall socket and have 3 lights on it. Get one and use it. You are looking for reversed polarity of the ac lines or a missing ground. The unit will show you all of these problems.

If you have any problems shown by the unit call an electrician. Or you will get the meaning of light up my life.

After you verify the above.

You can get a small cheap digital voltmeter from radioshack.

Take the meter and put one probe on the wall socket screw. Put the other probe on the case where you get zapped.

Check it on the ac and dc voltage ranges. If you read any kind of voltages ac or dc, have the computer checked by a service center.


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