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i have a question about my computer its saying operating system not found how do i fix it

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Many reasons

by jimmy-jam In reply to computer

Could be bad hard drive could be a corrupt master boot record could be bad OS files.
First thing I would try is creating a boot disk from another PC and booting from that disk and running "fdisk /mbr" to attempt to repair the master boot record. If that does not work try booting from your OS disk and running a repair. If that doesn't work Crack open the PC make sure none of the cables has worked itself loose and assuming that is not the case, replace the hard drive.

checkout for some info on fdisk.

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Could be even easier

by bart777 In reply to Many reasons

make sure that there isn't a Floppy disk in the machine or a CD in the CDROM. If the boot order tells the PC to look here first it will fail.

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by demosthanese In reply to Could be even easier

i 2nd that motion. Check the drives. THEN if that doesnt work do what the first reply says.

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Could be even easier

LOL! Good point. I didn't even think to suggest that first. Usually new computer will say "Non system disk" but it is best to Keep it simple stupid. (KISS) Try that first.

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First is this a new

by zlitocook In reply to computer

Computer if it is call the help desk from the manual, because if you do any thing it may void the warrenty. Check your documentation and be sure you are not voiding it first.
Then if you are out of warrenty try the idaes from the other people, if that does not work. Reset the BIOS by moving the jumper on the mother board, look to the main board web site on how to do this.

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