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By jsnowbunny100 ·
An alarm goes off on my computer ALL THE TIME. I have made sure all the cable connections are secure. I have installed a new fan. What could be the problem and how can I fix it. Thanks

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by LiamE In reply to Computer Alarm

What sort of alarm are we talking here?

A warning on the screen or an audible warning?

If its audible - have you got a UPS thats dying/dead? If so - its time to replace it in the mean time there is probably a button on it to shut it up.

If thats not it - have you got a raid system setup and a drive has failed?

If thats not it.... tell me what what hardware you have there and what OS ect and I'll try again.

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by trockii In reply to Computer Alarm

Definitely need to know is it's a pop-up alarm or audible alarm.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer Alarm

If you are getting an alarm from the speaker on your motherboard, that means that one of the PC health warnings has been triggered.

The best way to verify what is triggering the alarm is to enter BIOS setup and look at the PC health screen.

The "normal" alarm triggers include:

CPU temperature too high.

System temperature too high.

Any Fan connected to the motherboard spinning too slow.

CPU core voltage out of limits.

Temperature errors can be caused by damaged temperature sensors.

Low fan speed can be a bad fan or one that spins slower than the limit set in the BIOS.
It can also be from a failure of the "tach" signal from the fan.

CPU core voltage errors usually mean that your motherboard is failing.


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by youssifm In reply to Computer Alarm

if it is beep alard then i think it is related to the fan, system health, check that in bios, maybe the voltage or the temp is not matching

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