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Hello everyone. I'm somewhat new to the IT industry. I have studied for the Cisco CCNA, but never took the test and it has been some time now (back in 99 to be exact). I've slacked off for awhile, but now I really want to get my A+, Newtork +, CCNA, and MSCE certifications eventually. I've been to a lot of websites that offer CBTs. I'm not sure who offers the best CBTs or which vendor has the best study material and instructor. If anyone has invested in CBTs and can offer me good advice as to which vendor to go with, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you.

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online cbt

by Dr Dij In reply to Computer Based Training

browse their catalog
each group contains hundreds of courses

they have 3 main groups
1) microsoft courses package, for admins, etc
2) tech gen - including cisco, vb, etc
3) web dev - incl java, photoshop
my advice is don't buy more than you can go thru in a year. one group is hundreds of courses. sign up for a dift group next year.

You can even buy indiv series of courses (5 to 12 or so) for about $40 to 60, tho overall this is much more expensive. My gf was looking for job and wanted quickbooks sw course, they had it.

and cheaper:
end user software groups
incl word, xl, acc, proj, etc.

you get access for a year
spiff certs to print if you score 70% up
one doesn't mean much but print a few dozen for vb, etc, shows you have getup to go thru 2-4 hours each courses times a dozen

they keep your transcript online
i sneak in a few courses at work if slow, or at home.

many courses are based on popular books on the topic.

every few pages it forces you to answer questions to make sure you are paying attention/ understanding
and they constantly update courses for new versions unlike cd-rom courses, which also tend to be more expensive.

when you're done all these and want very hard-core, check out business training library in cincinnati. like netflix, they mail you cd-roms, they have huge library, don't produce any themselves, and when you tell them you've returned it you get any other you desire sent to you.

for online books reference, has thousands of books on IT topix. is subs site, $400/year. you can read full books, incl pix, online. diagrams are placed inline small and you click on it to see full sized if needed. indexes, etc. all there. and unlike dead tree version, you can search book, take them all with you on a trip if you have net access.

you can search ALL books also.
we were looking for scsi connector pix one day and were able to find pretty quick this way.

if you can't afford that, has $20/mo online books (mostly o-reily animal cover books which are good and informit I think also and others). they limit how many you can read unlike

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