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Computer Beep Sounds

By thumfw ·
When i start playing graphics demanding game, my computer CPU temperature monitor shows that the temperature is around high 40s degree celcius to low 50s degree celcius. When this happens, my computer starts emitting a continuous beeping sound. However, even though there is a beeping sound, my computer performance is not affected at all. What i want to us is, how do i stop this sound? it is very annoying whenever i play a game.
OS: Windows Xp
CPU: Pentium 4 2.4GHZ
Graphics Card:128MB Nvidia GeForce 4 4200Ti
Hard Disk: 80GB
RAM: 512MB DDR-333

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by pctech In reply to Computer Beep Sounds

There is a BIOS setting that will give you an alarm when the CPU temperature exceeds a set point to alarm. There is usually also a BIOS setting to shut down the computer once the CPU temperature exceeeds a set point. 50 degrees Celsius is not an exceedingly high temperature for a P4 chip but, higher than normal. I would mount a larger heatsink and fan and to try to lower the CPU temp to high 30s to low 40s. You can also set the alarm temperature to a higher setting but, I would not go higher than 55 for the P4. AMD chips will run hotter than the Intel without any harm to the chip but, Intels will burn out at a lower temp than will the AMDs.

I hope this helps you.

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by thumfw In reply to Computer Beep Sounds

I've set the BIOS to ignore the temperature, however, the beeping sound still persists

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by dmiles In reply to Computer Beep Sounds

From the list of problems, this sounds like ESD dammage to me.

If you did not use proper ESD (static) precautions when assembling, and re-assembling this system, that is at the root of your problems.

If you did use a good ground strap, and an ESD mat when assembling the system, then, I suspect a voltage surge is the root cause.
I would have a thourough bench test run on the power supply at both light, and full loads.

A continous beep code can mean the Power Supply or Motherboard failure

If you have a volt meter available check the voltage on the power supply to see if you can get a reading in the range of 12V,then check power supply has the ample amount of wattage to supply the system to run

Power supply problems will cause any number of the above mention and very difficult to determine,it may very well be the cause,also make sure that you have connectors to the motherboard secured properly

You should also check to make sure that your graphics card is seated properly andworking properly

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by TheChas In reply to Computer Beep Sounds

It's possible that the error is from the CPU core voltage.

As stated, the first step to take is to add more cooling.

Start with a couple of case fans blowing air INTO the case in the back, then a front case fan blowing air out.
Make sure that your CPU fan is large enough for your CPU.
While 50?C is fine for an Athlon CPU, it is a bit hot for a P-IV.

Next, how large of a power supply do you have?
I would want at least 400 Watts for your system.


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by BV2 In reply to Computer Beep Sounds

It all depends - my mobo has BIOS level temp warnings, my case has temp sensors and alarms, and I have a monitoring software that loads at startup that will sound alarms at high temps. You may have some or all of the above. Make sure they are all shut off, or as previously stated, add some air flow to the mix. I blew the caps off of two GeForce 4 4400Ti cards before I did some minor modification and mounted a 110mm fan on the side of my case. That stopped temp warnings and the melting of caps on my video card.

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