computer behaving very strange on startup

By skot139 ·
i am having problems with a new system i have put together everything has been working fine for about two weeks then all of a sudden on startup i am getting a long beep after post(normal) then after loading os windows xp pro i get another beep(not normal) and it starts to load straight onto desk top(instead of asking me to log on to my user account)once desk top has loaded if i move my pointer over any desktop icons or programs they start to open multiple times and the system is very erratic. any help would be very much appreciated

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Sounds like a trojan

by mjd420nova In reply to computer behaving very st ...

Sounds like a rogue program has taken control. Start up in safe mode and watch to see what starts that's out of the ordinary. You could also check the task manager to see what applications are running and the process to see what's taking up processor time.

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I would personally expect a Windows Problem here but

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to computer behaving very st ...

First things first. As this is a new unit I would first test the Hardware to make sure that it's working properly. There are several ways of doing this but the fastest & Easiest is to grab a Live Linux and allow the computer to boot off the CD/DVD and see if it runs correctly. As Linux will be loaded into RAM it will not do any damage to the Windows install as it doesn't access the HDD for anything and you can run a full test on the Hardware involved.

If you use Knoppix you'll be able to access the HDD to see what's on it and make any changes that may be necessary.

You can buy or download a copy of a Live Linux from here

If the Hardware checks out as OK you'll need to run some Virus & Spy Ware Scans to try to clean up the system. As you have not mentioned any AV product that you have installed I would suggest AVG available from here

At the same time you can download Spy Bot S & D and Ad aware SE from these sites

Install these and then update them from their Internet Sites by choosing Check for Updates and when they are installed & Updated boot into Safe Mode and run the scans.

RememberSafe Mode doesn't mean that the OS is Safe it only means that it's safe to work on the OS and attempt to repair it so never log onto the Internet or a Network while running in Safe Mode. To get into Safe Mode press the F8 Key during the POST process and then scroll to the Start in Safe Mode option.

While not to likely I would try it with another mouse as well as it's possible that something is sticking in the mouse causing applications to open several times from a Desktop Shortcut.

If necessary you can try a Repair Install of Windows by following the directions here

If you have encrypted your files you'll need to save the Encryption Keys or you'll loose all your data the directions are available here

But if you have been running without any AV Software I would suggest blowing away the entire installation and reloading the system after wiping the HDD to remove every trace of any infection with a utility like Boot & Nuke available from here


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Rootkit Likely Cause

by csmith In reply to computer behaving very st ...

The only hardware problem this can be is a defective mouse.
You are getting the normal beep at the end of the POST, so the BIOS has checked for stuck keys on the keyboard, graphic card problems, bad RAM, etc. and there are none.
Easy test: unplug the mouse and boot the PC.
You will get the warning message that Windows can not find the mouse, but the PC will act normally.
Note: you should use only keyboard commands to shut the PC down, but not required.
Mouse failures this early are abnormal unless you are in a machine shop where there is a lot of metal dust in the air. So the mouse failure is unlikely.

The most likely problem is that the PC is infected by a rootkit.
The symptom that points to this is the second beep.
I have found no AntiSpy/AntiVirus that works reliably against this problem.
That means manual removal.
The usual solution is to run HijackThis, look at the output, and manually delete the offender.
If you do not understand the output of HijackThis, save the output to a log file, and show the log file to some one who does.

Regards, Chris

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problem solved when i changed keyboard

by skot139 In reply to Rootkit Likely Cause

Thankyou for all of the feedback on this.after i changed the keyboard i was using the pc booted up as normal.
if you could chris would you check back on this and i will post the output of the logfile from hijack this if you could have a scan over it for me.

cheers, scot

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faulty ram

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to computer behaving very st ...

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