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computer bogged down

By asicstri ·
I have a 950mhz with 750megs of ram and I am having problems with it being extremely slow on bootup and loading pages. I've scanned my computer for viruses and none were found (both with my norton and online). Aside from reinstalling a fresh os is there anything I missed?

btw, anyonw know what ( I am seeing that on the bottom of my screen when logged in to yahoo email while uploading an attachmentand and I have to use the refresh button to get back to my email. I can ping the site but site is down?


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by jonno112 In reply to computer bogged down

What size and speed is your Hard drive.
I ask this because if your drive is almost full this will slow down your system and size does matter, i have the same specs as you with a 40 gig and it runs fine.
However i did have a 20gig drive and it was a bit slow.
Have you run adaware?

Also a program that has been working really well with adaware is Microsoft Antispyware (yes i know it's Microsoft)But this program works give it a go.

You will need a tutorial to remove all spyware as everyone here knows leave one trace and it all comes back.

If you are heavily infected these programs won't do the trick your best bet and last option i know is reload xp (I assume you are running XP)

Good luck

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to computer bogged down

Well the above answer is perfectly correct but I would also run Adaware from

and run it in conjunction with Spybot S & D between the two they should pick up every trace of spy ware on your computer.

Once that is done you should also run DEFRAG often as if the data on the HDD gets spread out all over the drive it will slow things down considerably.

While you can run DEFRAG you should have at least 15% unused space for it to work properly and while it is possible to run this utility with less it will be slow and the computer will be slow as well owing to a lack of space on the HDD. The more that you run DEFRAG the more that the files on your HDD will be better organized in a sequential fashion so the heads are not jumping all over the drive to read data this is a real killer in the speed staked and if not used often will slow things down dramatically. Also the more programs that you have running in the background the slower the computer will be as it is using more of its available resources to run these programs.

Hope that is of some help.


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