Computer Boot Issue

By dmiles ·
I have PC that when the start button is pushed you can her the drive,all essential fans are running,yet I get nothing on the screen,no video.If, I remove all memory it will not give a bios error beep code.
Where do I beging to resolve this issue?

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by prrethish In reply to Computer Boot Issue

remove the processor and fix it back
or change the processor

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Inspection And...

by TheChas In reply to Computer Boot Issue

I start with an inspection.

If the CPU fan spins fine and is not loose, that is usually a good sign that the CPU is good.

I have had so many motherboards fail for bad capacitors, that my next step is to closely inspect all of the electrolytic capacitors to make sure none have failed. If the top has any indications of a dome, or there is any stray material at the base of any capacitor, that is your culprit.

Next, make sure all plug-in cards are properly seated.

Disconnect the boot drive, and try powering up with no plug-in cards installed.

After that, I start swapping parts.

Power supply (or at least test it)

If all of the above are good, I will swap the mainboard. You can check the other parts in a different PC, but it usually still ends up being the mainboard.

I have had a couple mainboards that failed and the capacitors did not show a noticible bulge until after the board had sat for a few months.


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