Computer Boot Problem?

By SoloSamo ·
Hi, hopefully someone can help me here so I don't have to waste money buying the wrong components.

I have a HP desktop that won't boot. It starts for a second or two then cuts out. It have no display, I have tried a different graphics card but that makes no difference either. Sometimes the boot will last a second sometimes it stays on but no display. The hdd spins up, the CD drive spins but the computer won't stay on.

I have posted a YouTube video of this happening so you can see for yourself

Any help would be really appreciated


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by PurpleSkys In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

bad power supply?

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Computer boot problem. Crooked fan in video.

by Alan.craig1499 In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

1. Test Power Supply. Testers are available for less than $20.00. The connectors plug in and LEDs indicate if the voltages are correct. It is important to follow the correct sequence when testing.
2. Inspect the heat sink and fan connection to the CPU. I had a cracked one that looked OK but one corner was lifted. That caused heat and the CPU shut it down.
3. CPU fan speed could cause heat issue. Very cheap to replace, <$15.00. You may be able to boot to setup and see the fan speed. Check PC specs to confirm if it is running the correct speed.

Why is your fan crooked in the video? Is the CPU mounted at an angle on the motherboard?

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Try isolating the problem

by sirjeff2000 In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

One thing you didn't mention was have you tried installing a new device or memory to the computer?

It looks as though the power supply is shutting down. The supply is equipped with circuitry that senses if there is too much current being drawn through it's circuits. In an attempt to prevent this from damaging the power supply, the circuit will cause the supply to shutdown. The term "crowbar" was used as an analogy for this operation.

It could indeed be the supply itself but could be any other device connected to the supply via the power cables or the pci connections to the motherboard.

1. Make sure all PCI boards are seated fully. If a board is tilted slightly this might cause this type of symptom.

If that doesn't work,
Start by removing all power connections to the HDD, CD/DVD, floppy.
Remove all cards attached to the mother board.
press the power button - you'll probably get some beeps from the computer because of missing devices such as the video card.

If the fans stay running and there is no shutdown, then the problem is in one of the devices that you have disconnected. If the failure continues, the problem could be the supply or the motherboard itself.

Assuming the system stays up after removal of all the devices,
Start reconnecting the devices one at a time and then try and power on the computer.
If the computer continues to stay on, power off and reconnect the next device.
If reconnecting the next device causes the same symptoms, chances are that item.

To make sure, disconnect the suspected device and power on again.

If you still have other devices disconnected besides the one you suspect, reconnect the rest one at a time to see if the unit stays on. It is possible to have more than one device produce this problem.

Happy troubleshooting

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Reponse To Answer

by rcherry506 In reply to Try isolating the problem

I agree with sirjeff. Good troubleshooting here. Just remember to unplug the power cable before removing devices. Also you can start by just removing the memory and rebooting. If you don't receive an error condition, i.e. beeps, you motherboard is more than likely the culprit.

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boot problem

by liveone1232003 In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

any beeps when it posts? one beep is good. any other beeps will tell you what to look for.

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boot problem

by liveone1232003 In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

did you do something prior to this happening or did it just happen?

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boot problem

by liveone1232003 In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

power supply will do that if it is not good any more so try a different one.

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read the post from sirjeff2000@...

by replytoaghar In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

The post "Try isolating the problem" is as detailed & as isolating as it gets. I've had similair problems with my PC & thats how I solved it. Plus try to decode the beeps from your MB. You can find what each code means by checking the manfacturer website. Each BIOS AMI or AWARD have different bios beeps which each one could mean something. Just take extra care to isolate yourself when you are dealing with the components.

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by SoloSamo In reply to Computer Boot Problem?

Thanks everyone for the replies.

@sirjeff thanks for taking the time with the troubleshooting guide, I will be trying it in the morning. I have not installed any new hardware, except graphics card after this happened, to test it wasn't that.

@liveone No did nothing, was working as normal, came back to wake from standby and it had shutdown and now does this.

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Reponse To Answer

by sirjeff2000 In reply to Thanks

Just wondering, did you find a solution to the problem?

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