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Computer boot up problems

By tyresahall ·
What do you think could be causing my pc to boot up very slow? I am running Windows XP and my anti-virus program has not detected anything.

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by dmiles In reply to Computer boot up problems

The answer could bring a broad range of answers

CPU processoor speed,memory
Start-Up Programs
Processes loading
Anti-Virus software
Back Ground Programs
So there you have the beginning and the end is not near,specifics would be very helpful

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by willcomp In reply to Computer boot up problems

Adware and spyware.

Download, install, update, and run the following:

Ad-Aware SE available at

Microsoft Anti-Spyware Beta available at

Spybot Search and Destroy also available at

Before downloading and installing these programs, run msconfig and disable all startup items. Then disable system restore. Re-enable system restore after cleanup. Re-enable needed starup items as well. Leave extraneous ones disabled.


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by moxymeehan In reply to Computer boot up problems

If after checking for Spyware & enabling only the bare minimum startup programs.
And taking for granted you have a PC with a decent spec (ie sufficient to run XP.)
Then you should run bootvis :

It is a free microsoft tool that will optimise your boot time by fixing driver delays etc.

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by OTL In reply to Computer boot up problems

May want to defrag and reboot several times, has helped a great deal on my laptop. Along with the above answers.

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by john.hueser In reply to Computer boot up problems

My first thought is XP needs a little more memory than most, min 256 from what I have seen. This is very true if you have a video card on the mother board using your memory. The second is Spam on the system, I have always found that one application to look for SPAM is not enough, you need to have at lest two app's looking for SPAM. I would also check the BIOS to ensure you have it set to Plug and Play OS and also ensure you have all the setting right within. THese setting can cause problems on boot and during operation of the PC

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by william.banda In reply to Computer boot up problems

Viruses usually cause the PC to boot up slow and it needs to upgrade the memory.

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by TonytheTiger In reply to Computer boot up problems

I agree with the spyware/adware answers. I have seen some NEW computerst take 45 minutes to get to the desktop after logging in!

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by Deadly Ernest In reply to Computer boot up problems

During the boot up process Windows XP loads a lot of services and all the programs listed in the various 'Start Up' areas. You need to check these out and stop it from loading those that you do not want.

The common way is to check what is being started is to go 'Start' - 'Run' - type 'msconfig' select the 'OK' button. Then open each tab and examine what is listed as starting and deselecting those you wish not to run.

You can also check other areas for stat-up programs by 'Start' - 'Run' - type 'regedit' select the 'OK' button. Open 'HKey_Current_User' and HKEY_Local_Machine' within each check 'Software' - 'Microsoft' - 'Windows' - 'Current Version' - 'Run' and see what is listed and remove those that you know can be removed; NB be very careful as removing needed items could cause the system to crash at the next boot up.

Also the items listed in the 'Startup' section of the 'Start Menu' - 'Programs' will list applications to start.

And 'Control Panel' - 'Admin Tools' - 'Services' will list all the servcies and show you which are set to start automatically - you can use the 'right mouse button' to open the properties menu and change these to 'Manual' or 'Disable'

Fine tunning of these areas will make a dramatic difference to most Win XP installations.

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