Computer booting problem - Fan spin, no display

By geershuang ·
Hi everyone,
I am running a dual boot system with Windows XP and Vista. The computer works well for a couple of days. This morning I could not boot my computer! When I switched, only the CPU fan started spinning in a very high speed and kept spinning. No beeps, no display on the monitor. I thought it was the problem of PSU. I put another good one in to replace it, but no luck. I took one of the two memory cards out and tested it. No luck. Took the other out and put the first one back in and tested it. No luck. When I was playing with it, the computer booted up once and took me to the operating system selection screen. I selected Vista and then it gave me a blue screen... I don't think it is a video card problem, because the fan should not spin like that. Any idea could be helpful. Thanks a lot in advance.

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Components / System Type

by richie In reply to Computer booting problem ...

What hardware are you running and what size PSU are you using?

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P4 2.8G 1G Ram 300W

by geershuang In reply to Components / System Type

Thanks for your reply. It has P4 2.8G CPU, 2 * 512M Ram, 80 G harddrive, on board video card and sound card, wireless card, 300W PSU. It worked well for a long time with XP and worked well for a while with Vista. Then I want to have both of them on that PC, so reinstalled XP and Vista. It worked for a couple of days, then gave me this crab. Any idea? Thanks.

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Hard Drives

by richie In reply to P4 2.8G 1G Ram 300W

Have you noticed any excessive noise from the HD? Failing that and given all you have tried it would look like mother board fault.
The fact that it DID work and now it doesn't would lead me to look at hardware.
300Watts should be enough for the h/w that you have. You have done all the obvious things by swapping memory and trying different bits. The reason I asked about heat from the h/d is that, apart from the fans, it's the only moving part in the box and wear and tare on bearings can take its toll. SMART enabled drives will show this up but for drives with out SMART it's a complete guess, a rattle or loud whine from the drive is the only give away.

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No noise from HD

by geershuang In reply to Hard Drives

The hard drive seems OK. I didn't hear anything abnormal from it. Hope it is not the problem of motherboard.

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by richie In reply to No noise from HD

If you could try another one it would help with the elimination process. Sometimes the motherboard can be the most economical fix but obviously is a waste of money if you don't need one.

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Same Problem

by microserv In reply to Motherboard

I had the same problem as you guys describe. (fan at max speed and no video) Well i changed the power supply but with no results. Now i'm gonna change the board and it's probably gonna fix the problem.

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Bad Power Supply

by freebird357 In reply to Computer booting problem ...

Have you tried checking your power supply? I had the same thing happen to me last week. Fans would spin, but nothing else. No beeps, no picture, nothing. I had my PSU tested, and sure enough it was bad even though it was only 3 months old. PSU testers are pretty cheap and they come in handy. Give it a shot.

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had the same problem ....

by jhonnymatreata In reply to Computer booting problem ...

I had this problem twice .... each time when the problem apearead I had Vista instaled ... it hapend after the system went in stand-by and I used the power buton to start it ...

first time .... I dissasembled my pc and made sure that I've drained all the power ... eventually it started and I've reinstalled the operating system ... the problem was gone for about a year .... it was great ... no hardware changes ... nada ..... of course if you insist you can start the machine after 20 tries or so .... but after you shut it down ... it won't start ... try 20 times once 8 hours ... with 5 seconds delay between shutdown and start ... if you managed to start it .... give it a restart instead of a shut down ... in case of a problem ......

I think the problem is with the power suply ....

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wrong answer before .... damn capacitors

by jhonnymatreata In reply to had the same problem ....

it were those damn capacitators on the motherboard in my case .... guess it had to do something with standby in general

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blue screen of death

by bob.handsomeboy In reply to wrong answer before .... ...

its definitely a bad Capacitor problem, blue screen problems are due to many reasons. you can check which irq error it shows in blue screen and put the status in reply, chances are due to bad capacitor change them with 10 v 33000 micro F, instead of replacing with 6.3 V

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