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By mishry ·
Dir Sir
I work in a company as network administrator we are having servers with 2000 and 2003 OS And Win XP for the work stations we have about 150 workstation . We are facing a problem with our praimary server and the problem start when we UPGRADE it from NT4 to win 2000 server ( notice that we upgrade we didnt format ) evreything working fine with the servers active directories working fine But the problem is :
When i try to brows the LAN computers from My network Places i can descover only the servers nothing more this thing not happen always but some times i can browse the computers and it working fine and if i check again they desapeir i check many things i install the latest updates even i setup the wins manually on the clints also its not solved please help me on that i cannot find the selution email me on
or call

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by infernum In reply to Computer Browser

Setup DNS on a server and give the computers (clients and servers) the IP for the DNS server, so each machine be able to register itself on the dns server when it starts up.

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by mishry In reply to

Dir Mr. Infernum
I have the setup which you are talking about and i try it before the same thing thanks for your help dear i really apreciate that

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by razz2 In reply to Computer Browser

You mentioned you have DNS setup but I would agree with the last post that you are having problems with the configuration.

The list you see in My Network places is a "Browse List". It is generated as computers join or leave a network due to proper login and logoff. A domain has a Domain Master Browser (Always a PDC) as well as a master browser and backup browsers as needed. It can take almost an hour for a machine to appear or disappear from the list. Since you have XP clients WINS is not really needed (although many people do install it anyway). DNS is the prefered source of resolution for XP because it is what XP uses to find Domain SRV records.

Was the DNS upgraded or fresh installed? I would check it's config as well as it's setting for dynamic updates. Also I would make sure DHCP is on a server that can assign the internal DNS server to clients.

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