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By kennnn2 ·
Can any one help! I know I'm a novice and you've all been there and had the T-shirt but I'm just learning, after new build I connected up and fired up the computer but there is nothing on screen, there is beeping sounds and I've read they mean somethings not working properly, anyone out there know what it means when there are 1 x long beep and 3 x short-...then-..... 1 x long and 5 x short beeps....Please don't get to tecnical with me...I'm getting there but it's tough out there.......Kenn

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beep codes

by CG IT In reply to Computer Build

not all BIOS's are the same

here's a link

see the quick links for a rundown.

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Secure all connections

by CharlieSpencer In reply to beep codes

Make sure all the data cables and power connections are secure, and the RAM and boards are secure. If this is a new build, you might have just left something loose.

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happened to me before

by Norehca In reply to Secure all connections

it could be a lose connection, but it sounds like you didnt get something right. Normally beeping like that is either because you have the wrong type of RAM or CPU in there. Make sure to check to see what your mobo supports for RAM speeds and CPU type.

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More Details Please!

by TheChas In reply to Computer Build

Beep codes can vary by motherboard and are different for different BIOSes.

Please post the full details of your system hardware.

Here is a link to a TR download that list some desktop BIOS beep codes:

The first thing to do, is to shut off power and turn off or unplug the power supply.

Now, look over the motherboard and check every part you added, and every cable connected to the board, at BOTH ends.

If you have several plug-in cards, remove all but your video card.

Make sure that your video card and RAM are fully seated in their sockets.

For basic testing, it is often good to start out with all the drives and drive cables unplugged.

Read the motherboard manual, while your parts may be "compatible" there may be special things that you have to do to use some parts.

Still nothing, Remove the motherboard and make sure that nothing metal is able to touch any of the circuitry on the motherboard. Make sure that any mounting posts are not too big in size and shorting things out.

While not common, defective parts are still a possibility. If any of your parts are "refurbished" suspect them first.


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New Built computer

by kennnn2 In reply to More Details Please!

Thanks Chas for your reply and this goes for all the other guys you are good people and I thank you all for replying, System is as follows, ASUS A8R-MVP M/Board, AMD FX57 CPU, Thermalright cooler with 120mm fan, Kingston 2 x 1Gb Ram, Radeon express X850 Graphics, checked and rechecked loose hard ware and leads on my system, it looks good to me, this is what I'm going to try, I've eliminated my 2 x 1 Gb DDR ram by trying 2 x 256 DDR Ram that works fine in another computer (still no good) same beeps, now I'm going to try and swop my graphics for one that works, I'll keep you all posted thanks you guys.........kennnnnnnnnnnnnn

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