Computer can access internet, but not local network

By michapman ·
I've got a local network at home set up through a Linksys router, with a cable modem on the other end. I've got a laptop, a desktop, and a DVR. Everything can access the internet just fine. The laptop can ping everything, including the desktop. The desktop can ping itself, the router, and remote sites on the internet, but attempts to ping anything on the local network just get "Request timed out." Both computers run XP, but have different workgroups and domains. The desktop runs Windows Firewall, but turning it off didn't help. My main concern is getting the desktop to talk to the DVR, but hopefully the answer lies in why one computer can ping the other but not vice-versa, which is a symptom I could not find in any help files or web searching. Thanks in advance for any help, because I'm stumped.

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Same workgroup

by Mr.Wiz In reply to Computer can access inter ...

Try having all devices in the same workgroup.

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Not an option, unfortunately

by michapman In reply to Same workgroup

The desktop is in a workgroup, the laptop is in a domain, and the DVR, as far as I can tell, can be set for neither. I tried to make the desktop not be in a workgroup, but I could not see any way to make that happen. I can't mess with the network setup on the laptop.

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by scott_heath In reply to Computer can access inter ...

Typically this sort of problem is caused by a firewall. Even if you trun off Windows firewall if you have other security products installed (TrendMico, McAfee) they may have their own firewall. On each system open a command prompt and type IPCONFIG. Try pinging other systems IP Address instead of the computer name. It's also possible that your home router isn't handling internal DNS properly or is trying to send the requests to the external DNS server. What are the DNS settings on each of the PCs set to? If you've set them to internet DNS servers it would explain the ability to ping external addresses and not internal.

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I take comfort that my problem isn't mundane ^^

by michapman In reply to Interesting

The only other security product I have running is Symantec Anti-Virus which does not, as far as I can tell, have a firewall.
I have been doing all the pings to IP addresses rather than computer names.
Under TCP/IP Properties, both are set to Obtain DNS server address automatically. Under Network Connection Details, both show the same DNS servers.

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Connecting directly

by XT John In reply to I take comfort that my pr ...

Do the machines have File and Printer Sharing for Microsoft Networks enabled? If so, you may be able to connect manually by typing the ip address into the run command like this:


This will usually bring up a dialog box, asking for the admin password of the machine you're attempting to reach. There wil lalso be a checkbox to have teh connection remembered. Once in... you should see the printer/folder shares in an explorer type box.

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No luck

by michapman In reply to Connecting directly

Like pinging, I can access the desktop from the laptop, but not the other way around.

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That is wacky...

by scott_heath In reply to I take comfort that my pr ...

On the Desktop PC - Right click on My Network Places and then go to properties and right click on the Local Area Connection and choose repair. See if that helps. Try changing everything to static and changing it back. I've seen the IP stack get messed up before and that seemed to work.

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That was odd

by michapman In reply to That is wacky...

When I first tried Repair, it wouldn't work because it couldn't get past the renew, even though ipconfig -release and -renew worked just fine. When you said to change everything to static, did you mean under the TCP/IP settings? I tried that and then switched it back to automatic and Repair does work now, but I'm afraid I still can't access the local network.

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What happens when...

by scott_heath In reply to That was odd go to Start, Run, and then type \\laptopipaddress\c$

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Nothing promising

by michapman In reply to What happens when...

It takes quite a while, then a dialog pops up:


The network path was not found.

And yes, I did substitue the actual address there. ^^

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