Computer can't recognize driver of USB hard drive(code 2

By vanbinh.nguyen ·
my computer(DELL,Windows XP2) have required to update hardware driver when i pluged in USB hard drive, but the update wizard could not find out diver in C and Driver Dell CD.
I already copy usbstor.sys from other PC but the problem could not be solved.
In the Registry,"USBSTOR" key, "Start" value is 3.

Please help me ?

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KB260061 is not work

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to See if this will help

It seem KB260061 is not work, Jacky Howe.
some keys and folder were indicated by KB260061 does not exist in my computer.
( System32\Drivers\Wceusbs* folder,
- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CCS\Control\DeviceClasses\{25dbce51-6c8f-4a72-8a6d-b54c2b4fc835}
- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CCS\Services\Wceusbsh)
- HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CCS\Services\EventLog\System\Wceusbsh )
so i can not delete the Windows CE USB enumeration information. Thre are many HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CCS\Enum\USB\Vid_Xxxx existing.

please give me suggestion?

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Binh, you could see if this is of any help

by Jacky Howe In reply to KB260061 is not work

It works the same for XP and it will take a bit of time to work through.

Get rid of old device drivers hidden in Vista


Also check this link and the .inf information.


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Try this, INFCACHE.1 maybe corrupt

by Jacky Howe In reply to Binh, you could see if th ...

Set Windows Explorer to display Hidden and System files.

Locate and delete the file INFCACHE.1 but first you may have to take ownership of the file.

It's located in C:\Windows\inf

Restart the System to see if you can connect your USB drives.

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Well start off with the easy thing

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Computer can't recognize ...

Make sure that you have the driver for whatever it is you are plugging in and instead of using the Auto Detect manually point the Install Process tot he Folder/File that you have this located in.

If the Auto Installer can not find the required driver the odds are that it isn't on the individual USB Driver required is not on the Dell CD. This would be because the device you are plugging in is not a Dell Component or even if it is it did not come with the computer so you need it's individual Driver not what is on the Disc or HDD.

So here you'll need to go to the Web Site of the Device Maker and download the Driver for that device.


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Re:Well start off with the easy thing

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to Well start off with the e ...

The PC cannot connect all kinds of USB.
Downloading driver of all Device Maker take much time.^_^
Can you give me other suggestion??

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RE: Can you give me other suggestion??

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Re:Well start off with th ...

Well in that case your only other option is to

Not use any USB Devices.

There is no other option some devices like USB Printers and Scanners have very specific Drivers that only apply to themselves, They come from their Makers and no where else. If you don't have the drivers and don't want to get them then the hardware is not going to work.


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Not use any USB Devices?

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to RE: [i]Can you give me ot ...

I mean USB flash disk only which are using to copy data.

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If any device requires a Dedicated Driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Not use any USB Devices?

It needs to be installed.

However if there is no Driver Required for any USB Device and it is not working that is a different story. But with your original Post you asked about a Driver for an External HDD that was displaying an Error code of 28 which means that the device in question needed it's Driver Installed.

Most USB Flash Drives Do not require Dedicated Drivers unless they are of the type that compresses Data to make out that they are bigger than they really are. So if it shows a 8 GIG Capacity but in reality only has 6 GIG of Storage Space you need to install the required Driver/Software for that device to compress the Data with that particular Flash Drive.

However generally speaking once you have installed one Driver for a USB Flash Drive that doesn't compress Data that should cover most of the Flash Drives that are available that do not compress Data. You normally Do Not need to install a Driver per Device for Flash Drives but it may be required for External HDD. and will be required for things like Scanners & Printers.

But if the computer was previously reading Flash Drives and is no longer capable of reading them they it is something you have done attempting to get it to work with the External HDD that you originally asked about. Depending on what you did the repair varies.


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The ptoblem was fixed

by vanbinh.nguyen In reply to Computer can't recognize ...

I have just fixed the problem.
I copied INF folder from other PC that can connect the USBs. Then reinstalled USB driver by chose the driver to install(not search),located the INF folder and it required Windows CD to finish.
Anyway thanks all of you ?

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