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Computer can't see 2 HD simultaneously

By taylor03 ·
Has anyone ever encoutered a problem where the computer would not see two hard drives due to one of the hard drives. I was trying to do disk to disk Ghosting -- a combination of any other 2 different HD works. Once I used this certain type of HD (which was the the one with the operating system on 3 different computers, can't remember the names of the HDs)the computer would not see both, if even I connect the second disk to the other IDE cable. I set the jumpers to master and slave etc, but only 1 or none of the HD is seen whenever I used these particular HDs. I used Ghost this way about 30 times before.


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by TheChas In reply to Computer can't see 2 HD s ...

Yes, some hard drives do not get along with different brand drives on the same IDE channel.

Sometimes it works to swap which drive is the master and which is the slave.

A good work-around is to install the second drive on the other IDE channel.
That way, you avoid any drive electronics conflicts.

When I set up a multiple drive system, I always use 2 drives from the same manufacture. If possible, from the same series.


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by fred07 In reply to Computer can't see 2 HD s ...

Hard to give spec without knowing the mfg of the HD's.
On some combos you would need to use the double jumper method.
Without knowing the mfg I can not give you those settings.
MFG sites should list them and I know that WD's does.

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by Databit In reply to Computer can't see 2 HD s ...

Do your drives/system support "cable select"?
Only other thing I can think of trying.... have seen it resolve master / slave conflicts in the past.

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