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Computer Career? Specialized?

By jbillie0809 ·
It seems like the only way to have a fulfilling career in computers (money as well as security) is to be specialized. What are those specialized careers that will drive the future?

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Specialize in Generalization

by NickNielsen In reply to Computer Career? Speciali ...

Learn all you can about the system where you work, including the off-brand peripherals. Learn enough to be able to function in all areas of support. Then determine what area really turns your crank and specialize there. For example, I am an electronics technician with a specialty in PCs, printers, and local networking. In my current job, I work on point of sale systems and peripheral equipment (PCs, scales, and scanners), store support equipment (service scales, telephone systems, and proprietary networks), printers, and store networking equipment and infrastructure. I don't foresee becoming a millionaire without winning the lottery, but I also don't anticipate the need for my job going away.

Specialization is for ants and short-term contract hires.

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Specialization could lead to a dead end.

by mjd420nova In reply to Computer Career? Speciali ...

I started in electronics before the transistor, so I have followed the digital field from the start. To be successful, start with a good foundation in all around electronics, then pick a big well known company to start work for. Expand your fields as your job and boss require. Become well rounded and even use hobbies to guide you in you goals. If you're lucky enough to stay with them to retirement you'll be set well.

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Sack your careers advisor.

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Computer Career? Speciali ...

Give him a kick in the nuts as you do it.

A fulfilling career is one that you enjoy, one where you've feel you've achieved something, so I'll leave that, as it's completely subjective.

The only way to guarantee money over a technical IT career is to keep up with the market and preferably be good at the job, which means you might specialise in a discipline, but definitely not a technology.

Security in a job, unless your uncle is the MD, kiss that one goodbye, it's not happening. Security in your career, keep up to date. You need to really good at one discipline, or pretty good at several.

After twenty plus years in the job, I'm a decent admin, a good dba and a very good programmer, with years experience in all three. As far as money goes, it comes and goes. I started on ?14k, moved all the way up ?70k, went back down to ?30k and moved steadily back up since. Salary is controlled by the market, not ability and not experience.

If you want a career, do not be a one trick pony, a bean counter will decide you have more value as a pot of glue.

Course if you want to go management, then it's very different.

Whether you choose IT or not, in the past or the future security and money have never gone together. You get money from pushing the envelope and security from never venturing outside of it.

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