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Computer causing network crash?

By gavinbarclay ·
I've got a laptop which I connect to networks in various places as I travel a lot for work. When I have connected to the last 2 places I've worked at (by a network cable), I am able to check my email in Outlook Express and then the network goes offline. Their network is fine, all they have needed to do was restart it and it will work fine again but every time I check my email, it crashes the network again. Needless to say, it doesn't help me make friends. Does anyone know why this would happen?
I've got a Toshiba notebook running Windows 2000.

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by TheChas In reply to Computer causing network ...

Have you scanned your laptop for viruses?

This sounds like a symptom of one of the worms that are running around.

Since you plug-in at various places, I recommend that you install a firewall on your laptop to improve your security.


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by -Q-240248 In reply to Computer causing network ...

if the actual network hardware goes down (switches...etc) then you need to replace your network card

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Computer causing network ...

visit Windows Updates and install all your windows critical updates and service packs and do a scan with up to date definitions. if you have virus, you will probably experience trouble doing this. let us know and we will help. if all goes well, look elsewhere, i say. are you getting any other symptoms? i would expect some more symptoms if virus. but you could be flooding network with virus generated traffic, creating a denial of service attack. they may think they work fine but they need to check for viruii also. if you find one on yours you are honor bound to let them know. get zonealarm on your laptop or norton internet security as well. you could also be flooding network with broadcast storm from bad or buggy nic. so, after eliminating virus as possibility, i would look at trying differnt/new network card/patch cable as other suggested.

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