Computer cleanup

By jlorraine ·
Is there anything I can do to make my computer more stable? I have many fragmented files, some files that will not be removed. I have done disk cleanup and defragment.

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there are a couple things

by DanLM In reply to Computer cleanup

I use webroots window washer. They offer a 30 day free trial of the full version, so you can check it out. But, it definatly will find and remove crap that you may have missed if you take the time to go through the settings. Which are pretty straight forward.

Their is also some registery programs out there(can't remember off the top) which cleans out broken or incorrect registery entries. This helps also. You may want to look at what ever is in your start up, and in that I only have 5 minutes left at work. Lol, I can't tell you the command just right now to get there for reviewing.

Have you run spyware scans? nothing will make a system more unstable then that. Download spybot if not, it's free and is highly rated.

hmmm, I could go on. A valid, up to date virus scan.

I think the big thing though is, even if you do think you have disk cleanup. Try webroots product, I think you will find a huge savings of space.


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As a followup

by DanLM In reply to there are a couple things

There are certain programs you probably use, but not necessarily all the time. Yahoo, windows messenger, win amp, that ipod crap. These animals always want to start up with your computer at boot time. Go into their settings, and change them so that it they don't. When you want to use them, you just go to programs and launch them. But, there is no reason for them to be starting at the time of your computer.

That will help too, actually it should help a lot.


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More Cleanup

by w2ktechman In reply to Computer cleanup

delete the temp files from
c:\documents and settings\%username%\local settings\temp

Delete files from

open IE and delete temp IE files and cookies

start -- run -- type DFRG.MSC and run the defragmentor.

do as Dan says, scan and use tools to de-clutter

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Download and install CCleaner

by Tig2 In reply to Computer cleanup

It is the registry tool that Dan mentioned. You can get it free from

It will also clear your temp files and cookies.

Good luck!

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Nick Cleaner

by KING "_M" In reply to Download and install CCle ...
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You know King, I would press stalking charges against u

by DanLM In reply to Nick Cleaner

If I was Tigger. You would find the law on your *** quicker then chit.

Don't even try it with me, I have no mercy. And I don't play nice.


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Defragmentation not always the answer

by mjd420nova In reply to Computer cleanup

When a system becomes unstable and a defrag, spyware, adware or virus scans don't seem to cure the faults, there's more to be done. Many times I've had to really buckle down to a reload, and in some cases, multiple reloads. Most software will run fine, but there are those times when they just don't play nice with others. I will strip the drive clean and start all over, starting with the OS and it's updates, then begin adding the other programs one at a time, and then being sure that each added segment not interfere with those already loaded and each remains fully functional and no slowdowns or lockups occur. This can be frustrating and result in many more grey hairs if not the outright lose of said hair by the handful. Eventually you'll get it right and then you need to be wary of any subsequent additions.

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This is a question that ever one asks

by zlitocook In reply to Computer cleanup

Since Windows reared its face. If you goggle, computer is slow, how to speed up computer, computer help you will get more listings then you can look at in years.
First if you have never removed the programs that you do not use, like the stuff that came with your computer. Go into add remove programs and look around, if you do not use AOL or other programs remove them.
Look at the programs installed most of them you need like Office and your antivirus, but if you do not use a program look it up with Google to see what it is, if you don?t want it remove it. On a new computer allot of programs are trials and if you do not want to buy them remove them. You can down load AOL'S computer check up for free, they bought out some good companies and have some great fixes for a bad IP stack, an easy way to fix your IE cache and other things.
Ok I use Window washer, CCleaner, Adaware se, Spybot, Zone alarm, Systweak Advanced System Optimizer and pc pit stop optimize.
If your computer is running good these things will help to make it better, if it is slowing down these will speed it up. But after a few months to a year or so it is better to back up and reload. Because the registry will become bloated and files and programs become corrupt and unusable.

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its time to get more advanced

by eddie In reply to Computer cleanup

i have found that stability deals with the task manager....if there is a runaway process, the entire system goes caput. make sure the system idle process stays about 98% when the system is idle, or at 52% when a program is running. if its not find the runaway process and kill it. then look for what program closed then uninstall it. stability returned

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Nothing really works...

by jdmercha In reply to Computer cleanup

... like a fresh install. I rarely go more than a year without wiping out the entire drive and reloading everything.

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