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computer consumables

By stpmds ·
i intend to set up a small computer shoppe in a fast developing business (IT)& residential locality (urbanised). dealing in computer consumables and stationery. what are the items normally will be fast moving and how to manage without locking up funds in too much stock.

all guidance/tips/experiences are welcome.

I live in India, Chennai, metropolitan city capial of state government. its having a internation airport, a busy harbour and fast growing IT park, manufacturing centre for Ford, Hundai, Nokia, Motorola etc.,

thanks in advance.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to computer consumables

Printer consumables would be the best but you'll have to rely on your local knowledge as to what printers are sold in the area as you do not want or need to stock every possible Ink Cartridge that has ever been made.

A better idea would be to buy the different brand inks and perform refills of the Ink Tanks as they empty this would cost you less and give you a better return on funds outlaid while at the same time allowing you to see what printer cartridges you get in for refilling and then you can decide what it is you'll need to stock when these cartridges can no longer be refilled.

Good High Quality Paper will also never go astray not the cheap rubbish stuff that leaves paper dust all through the printers and requires them to be stripped and cleaned regularly but the better quality Cannon Like Paper.


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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to

The odd Keyboard and Optical Mouse wouldn't go astray either these are cheap and will not cost much but give a good return on investment.

Depending on how much you want to outlay on stock you can look at caring new printers, monitors networking consumables like CAT 5E cables the odd USB Cable an A B type for a new printer and maybe a A to an A Socket as an extension lead and small switches. The Networking is all up to you as you'll need to look at your market and you may even need to consider Wireless Networking hardware it really depends on what is currently available and if there are any big shops close by directly competing against you.

Any printers that you carry you should first make certain that you can refill the ink tanks as you want o make as much money as possible out of the sale and if you need to sell new ink tanks every time that an Ink Tank runs dry it will adversely affect return customers.

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