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Computer continually reboots

By ClarkF ·
I have a Win98 computer that is continually rebooting. I can start it in safe mode but when I try a normal start it gets to the desktop and then within a few seconds it restarts. It was working fine until this morning when Laplink was closed and it rebooted at that time and has been like this ever since.
I have used msconfig to set it to not use config.sys, autoexec.bat, win.ini, system.ini, and the startup files. I still reboots.
I set the display adapter to use standard VGA drivers and it still reboots.
I don't see anything in the bootlog.txt.

could use some help!

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by wharb In reply to Computer continually rebo ...

Kill the LapLink startup module in your startup entry listing using your "msconfig" utility and then restart the system. If this stops the "auto-rebooting" then uninstall and then re-install your LapLink Software.

If that doesn't work then using the same "msconfig" utility, remove the check marks for all of the other startup modules, one at a time then restarting into normal mode, to find
the culprit by process of elimination.

(Also, if you can, if the above does not work, check your system for any worm/virus infections. These, sometimes, corrupt the "control registry" module/driver parameter config settings [originally set by the appropiate "inf" file].)


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by GregTurner In reply to Computer continually rebo ...

If you have added any new hardware recently this could cause the symptom you describe also.

Try starting in DOS mode and using the scanreg/restore command at your c:\windows prompt
to restore the registry dated before the problems began.

Also, do not rule out a virus...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Computer continually rebo ...

if it still reboots in safe mode, sounds like flakey hardware. maybe virus. rule out everything but hardware by booting from DOS disk. if reboots then, most likely imho is somthing is pulling down voltage on pwer supply and/or bad power supply. see if you can find another power supply to try...yank out all the cards and drives, see if problem goes away, add back in until done. also yank hd (this is why you need boot floppy)

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by pchlp In reply to Computer continually rebo ...

I would check the power supply.

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by Ben Cope In reply to Computer continually rebo ...

I understand you already receieved this answer, but I also suggest running msconfig, and actually disable all un-needed programs from starting up this may also improve the performance on your machine depending on how many programs may be starting up.

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