computer crash

By dadstruck2 ·
I bought Microsoft Office 2003 student /teacher addition in march of 2006 last week a storm caused my computer to crash, I reformatted my hard drive and reinstalled the programs that came with my computer, However because I purchased the above mentioned program off the online transaction service, I do not have a CD copy for back up or reinstalling the software. I do have my product Key code and my transaction #. How can I get a copy of the soft ware once again without having to repurchase again?

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Start with the service you purchased from

by Tig2 In reply to computer crash

If you can't get help there, call MS. The transaction service, on the strength of your documentation, should be able to provide you with the download. Ask for an ISO and burn a disk.

Good luck!

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Education is expensive

by larrymcp In reply to computer crash

Trying not to be too much of an "I told you so...", there's two big things to learn here.

Before I begin my rant, your price for not following some basic tenants is to spend some intollerable length of time on the phone with Microsoft customer service.

First, always have a UPS on your computer to prevent this type of problem from occurring in the first place.

Second, there's two types of data: the data that you have backed up and the data you haven't lost yet. If you download a CD, burn a least one copy immediately! And, either write the Product Key on the CD and/or save it in a text file burned on it (if it's not an ISO).

Some people NEVER lose any data and some people win the lottery. You have two chances of being "some" people, fat & slim.

The main reason I'm making this post is to remind myself to do these things. We've ALL had these problems. It's always best to learn from other's mistakes, if possible.

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