Computer crashed.

By alwright60 ·
I am trying to fix a computer for a friend..No I am no computer guru, but I know enough to get rid of a virus and much more. The only this is with this one, the virus that was in it must have damaged the hard drive or I have come up on one I have never dealt with before..I thought I got the virus out, but because of the damage I decided to reinstall windows XP, it will get half way through, and then it says "disc is corrupted, and the second time it happened it said"need 2nd disc with sp3" the only thing is this disc is suppose to have it all on it..Now everytime I boot the computer, it will get just so far and quit. I have tried several things including using a different xp disc, but of couse it won't take it because it is still trying to load the other one..How can I fix this problem? please, please help.. I try to help friends because like me that can't afford big money to take it to a tech. I am sorry to sound cheap, but when you live on SS you don't have much choice.
Thanks so much..Have a great day and God bless.

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Request for Clarification

by alwright60 In reply to Clarifications

Did you not get the second message I sent? For some reason I burned the Dban like you told me and also the other one and neither one with boot, it keeps going straight to the XP program that is trying to install..What now?

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You need to wipe the drive.

by seanferd In reply to Computer crashed.

Reinstalling, or reformatting and installing, are not certain methods to kill an infection. I'm not sure what is going on with the Windows setup process, but start fresh first, then post about any further installation issues - or even contact MS about this.

Wipe the drive using one of these:

Further, there may indeed be a problem with the disk itself. You can always test with the HDD vendor's testing utility.

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Reponse To Answer

by alwright60 In reply to You need to wipe the driv ...

I can't seem to get either one of them to start at boot up..I know I must be doing something wrong..Although I can't for the life of me figure out what it could be..Help! This is an old dell desktop..That might help.

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Boot device order? Data CD instead of Bootable CD?

by oldbaritone In reply to Computer crashed.

If DBAN isn't booting, and you're going directly to the unsuccessful XP install, is the CD/DVD drive set as the first boot device? It sounds like the HDD is booting instead of the CD. Or maybe it was not created as a bootable CD, but a data CD instead.

Test-boot DBAN CD in another machine. (Don't wipe that drive, just test that it will boot.) If it does, something is wrong on the boot order of the system, or something is wrong with the CD/DVD drive. If it won't boot on another machine, try burning another copy from the ISO - and make sure you are burning the image to the disk as an image.

If it doesn't boot on the other machine, open the CD and see what's on it. You do not want a data CD with the ISO file on it; you need to create the CD from the image.

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slave it

by rotimi.amzat In reply to Computer crashed.

try to slave the hard disk to another system and wipe the data on it using kill disk . then fix it back to the system and do fresh installation using another xp cd, by d way ensure no connection is on either wireless or lan .

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