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Computer Crashes, Please HELP!!

By damasta_420 ·
I have an Asus A7S333 Motherboard, AMD Athlon XP 2100 Processor, running Windows XP. My computer will crash at random times, somtimes after its been on a day, sometimes for a couple of hours. The comptuer just shuts off, the power light on the motherboard remains on, but i must unplug the computer from the wall before it will turn back on. It is definately not a virus. I replaced my hard drive. I replaced my heatsink and fan to a more powerful one, to assure it isnt a heat problem. After it crashes, I unplug it, plug it back in, boot it up, and i get a Ivalid System Disk error.(only after it crashes) I reboot again and it boots to windows fine. Any comments or suggestions would be appreciative. Email to : Thanks

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Did you...

by jkaras In reply to Computer Crashes, Please ...

Reseat the processor? Test the rails of the power supply or swapp for another to if change? Reseat the memory? I suspect the power supply when I had a simular situation my power supply was faulty that eventually fried my motherboard

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by pcnetworktech In reply to Did you...

Make sure the FAN is working. It could be processor is heating and shutting down the computer

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Power Supply

by s1police In reply to

i think is the Power Supply. your output is not enough for your computer, try to change a higher output Power Supply, it will be stable.

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Try to check RAM

by blaxand In reply to Computer Crashes, Please ...

may be it's bad RAM. Try to check it with any tests.
Far worst if it's microcrack on your motherboard.

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agree with power supply

by NLee In reply to Try to check RAM

I agree with the power supply change. Please do this before you end up frying your system. They are pretty easy these days to swap out and make a huge difference. Don't forget to make sure you have a fan for the power supply as well as CPU and your machine is free of dust & smoke around the chassis.

This article on Tech Republic is pretty insightful and has links at the end where you might get some good help:

Three ways temperature can wreak havoc with your system
August 11, 2003 | James McPherson |

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