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computer crashing

By kkramxx ·
i initially have a ddr266 kingmax 128MB, an msi motherboard with a VIA chipsets, and intel P4 2.26GHZ. i want to upgrade the memory so i placed a 256MB ddr266 but of different brand name. it works fine but the problem is that after 1 hour or more than 1 hour, the computer will restart, and then will restart again, and again... what must be the problem????

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by 5jgibbs In reply to computer crashing

disable dule chanle memory.. also make sure you pull down your overclock if you do so.. because your new ram may be cheep..

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XP crashes

by Oz_Media In reply to computer crashing

First of all, remove the new RAM and see if it still does it. The RAM may APPEAR okay but may be faulty when it heats up. Try it on its own, as well as the other RAM on it's own.

Windows continually restarting.

XP by default automatically restarts on error. That's how MS gets around saying no BSOD with XP.

When the RAM faults, possibly due to a BIOS or power management issue, it reboots the PC, anytime XP sees a fault it continues to reboot.

Perhaps this resolves itself after a few minutes turned off? You didn't specify what it took to reboot again.

You can turn off the 'Auto restart on system failure', this will then result in a BDOS with an error, this will help indicate if it is memory related.

Update BIOS, Graphics Card drivers, Sound, Direct X etc. in case it is an acceleration issue.

It sounds like icky RAM though.

I had similar probs with some really cheap RAM I picked up, replaced it and problem was solved immediately.

Sorry,almost forgot to shut of the Auto Restart feature,
Control Panel>System>Advanced>Startup and Recovery , uncheck Automatically reboot.

If you still need help, you should try posting in the Technical Questions and Answers forum. You will get plenty of help there.

Tech Q&A:

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crashing problem

by satish_s07 In reply to computer crashing


i read you question but you not mention in your that wheather your OS is worrking fine in 128mb while you replace it to 256 ddr ram again. But Ok

try this step

1. try to stratup your system in safemode and check its restarting problem.

2. also check any virus in you system.

3. check your harddisk may be logical badsecor.

4. always use geniune memory with proper compatablity.

please try this out & replay me with proper question.

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