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    Computer crashing??


    by rivrbyte ·

    HP Computer possibly crashed?
    I am writing on behalf of my friend who has a Hewlett Packard 763n computer. Win XP Home
    She has a Cable connection and when she tries to go to Internet Explorer>Outlook Express> to get her mail,she gets this “BLOCKED TRAFFIC” message. Can not get into her E-mail,or any applications even though she can see her desktop and icons every time she restarted the computer five times.
    She has the NORTON Anti-Virus she pays for and thinks maybe that might be a problem.

    I told her to go to the Start>Help and support> System restore,and get back to an earlier restore point,which she told me she never did create one,I told her then she would lose everything ( jpgs, mp3’s, documents,folders,etc. ) but at least it would run cleaner than it recently was…her son was purchasing and downloading itunes and loaded up the computer,she he first started this, she told me her computer really SLOWED DOWN quite a bit.

    I took her through the cleaning out old files,cookies,temp Internet files,recycle bin,disk clean up, and Defrag in safe mode,etc., to try to speed it up, it worked for a few days then it slowed again.

    Since she has the icons and desktop,I will try to get her to safe mode and then RESTORE…would this work? Do I have to uninstall the cable? Thanks a bunch!

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      by lhatcher ·

      In reply to Computer crashing??

      Have you tried to run any spyware scans. I like to use a combo of adaware, and Spybot search and destroy, Download and run both of these in safe mode.

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      Check her firewall settings

      by jmiguy ·

      In reply to Computer crashing??

      It sounds like she has a firewall blocking her network traffic. If she is running Windows XP SP2, go into the Control Panel, open the firewall and reset defaults on the advanced tab.

      If she is using a router (with built in switch), it may have a built in firewall as well. Check the manual for instructions on resetting it to factory defaults. Many have a small button or hole (use a paperclip) on the back. Usually you just power cycle the router while pressing the reset button and hold for 30 seconds.

      Also check for content screening software that may be blocking network access.


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      Probably Spyware/adware/malware

      by mr.wiz ·

      In reply to Computer crashing??

      I’d try the spybot, adaware route first and see if that helped before doing the system restore.

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      by wynand.coetzee ·

      In reply to Computer crashing??

      1. Is she running Norton Internet Security?
      2. The ‘Traffic Blocked’ message that she gets is it only when she opens internet explorer and goes to he email website?
      3. Can she run her other programs like ms word,games ect.?

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