Computer dead!!

By hallpiece ·
Please help somebody my Windows 2000 Ibm notebook laptops Gone wrong everytime I start it up the operating system Fails to load instead the ms-dos7 loads instead, and to top it off ive only got the operating installation
CD PLLLLLLLLZZZZZ HELP I cant live without my laptop!

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Well if you have the OS Install Disc

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer dead!!

You can perform an In Place Repair Install by following the directions here

But I'm a bit confused with your description as NT isn't a DOS Based OS and never was so you shouldn't be getting any DOS command prompts when you attempt to boot up. Have you tried running any diagnostics on this NB?

If not I would suggest trying The Ultimate Boot CD and Knoppix Live Linux both of which are available for download or to buy from here

With the Ultimate Boot CD you can test all the hardware for faults and with Knoppix you can mount the Windows Drive and transfer your data off it if it's still working onto any storage device that you have. Of course if the HDD is no longer working you are in trouble particularly if you don't have a backup.


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um, since your are panicking - remove all floppy and cd's?

by sgt_shultz In reply to Computer dead!!

if you don't have a dos floppy disk or bootable cd in place then it sounds like the boot record or perhaps boot.ini is messed up.
does dos let you view the contents of your hard drive?
as long as you have or can get an xp install cd you can fix this

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Re: Computer dead!!

Safety first.
1)Buy a new harddrive for your laptop.
2)Install your operating system onto the new harddrive.
3)Get someone you know well to copy all your files over from your old laptop drive.
Hope this works for you.

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