By patrick_mullen ·
Would anyone have any suggestions how to get a recalcitrant computer to boot up?

It seems something occurred to my computer while I was asleep. When I awoke this morning the wife informed me she had a problem with it when she started it. I have no idea what she did.

It is running Windows XP.

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Are you getting anything?

by Darryl~ Moderator In reply to COMPUTER DISASTER RECOVER ...

Power? Freezing on a boot screen? Blue Screen?
Have you tried safe mode?
Are the hard drive lights coming on?

Give us a little more to go on here.

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How are you Darryl!

by Santosh_arasu In reply to Are you getting anything?

Hey Darryl,
How are u doin today!remember me i had enquired about the installation of windows 2003 server on HP proliant DL 380 Server!U helped me on that crucial moment


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Didnt your mother ever teach you not to hijack forums?!

by Snuffy09 In reply to How are you Darryl!
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Plz specify where this happens

by Santosh_arasu In reply to COMPUTER DISASTER RECOVER ...

Please let us know the excat error message whats happening when its booting up.R u able to see the windows logon on or where does it get struck...did u try the safe mode

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Testing time.......

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to COMPUTER DISASTER RECOVER ...

1). Have you power to your computer?
2). Is the power switched on?
3). If you can boot up, can you see what is on the screen?
4). Is your computer booting but your monitor is not showing any text?
Did you have any blackouts (electric cut offs) the night before?
If you are not getting any power, first check your circuit breaker fuse system. See if any breakers have tripped out, if so then reset.
If you are still without power then you will need to get another power supply unit (PSU). You can do it yourself or get a qualified person to do it for you.

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Testing Time

by patrick_mullen In reply to Testing time.......

I have power, and I am not aware of any power problems last night.

I cannot get to the start button.

I unplugged the computer and let it set for awhile, then restarted it.

I checked the disc drive bays to make sure they were empty.

When I turn the computer on, the machine displays the following:

(1) "HP invent
Intel VIIV
<esc=boot menu. F1=SETUP> <F10=SYSTEM RECOVERY>"

(2) then I get this error message which says: We apologize for inconvenience, but windows did not start successfully etc.
choose last known good configuration to revert to the most recent settings that worked.
-safe mode
-safe mode with networking
-safe mode with command prompt
-last known good configuration
-start Windows normally

(3) the start screen displays with Microsoft windows logo and bar that has the bar that has blue dashes animating left to right

(4 & 5) there are two other error messages that display too rapidly for me to read.

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Ok, when you see this on your screen....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Testing Time

""-safe mode
-safe mode with networking
-safe mode with command prompt
-last known good configuration
-start Windows normally"""

Choose the "Last known good configuration", this should (hopefully) boot correctly. It might take some time for it to log on to your desktop, so just give it time.
When you have your desktop back (eventually), download this:

Save it, Install it and then run it, do not worry it is free, meaning no cost to you.
Hope all goes well.

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Ok, when you see this on your screen....

by patrick_mullen In reply to Ok, when you see this on ...


the machine loops between the HP start screen, the Windows logo start screen and erroe message #3.

I rebooted the machine while holding down on the F8 key and get this message:

"please select the operating system to start:
Windows XP Media Center Edition
Microsoft Windows recovery console

Use the up and down arrow keys etc.,

for troubleshooting and advanced startup options for windows press F8

last known conf etc.

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Loop Fix

by Erik In reply to Ok, when you see this on ...

I have ran into this twice in the last week and used the following guide to fix:

Good luck.

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SM w/ Networking

by maclovin In reply to Loop Fix

He should probably go Safe Mode with Networking so he can install the CCleaner app, which should keep whatever the other process(es) are at bay when running the scan.

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