Computer Does Not Boot No Beep On Startup Either....

By rios_uk ·
Right well a couple of days ago my computer stopped working, i've replaced the motherboard and connected everything up. I know the Memory, Graphics, Motherboard, HDD is fine, just want to clarify its probably the CPU thats broken before i go out and buy one.

When i turn the PC on i can hear the HDD kick in etc..... Theres no beeping and nothing comes up on the screen, blown cpu you think ?

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While possible I would be looking at the Power Supply First

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer Does Not Boot No ...

These are often overlooked and cause quite a few problems when they are on their way out.

Personally I only ever use Brand Name Power Supplies as they just work better and have far fewer problems than the no name PS's that come in the No Name Cases and are at best marginal.


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I agree with hal

by Langlier In reply to While possible I would be ...

Testing for a bad PS is a lot cheaper then replacing a proc. Most likely you are correct though and either you got another bad motherboard or your proc is bad as you suspect. If you have another proc you can put in temporarily to test I would do that after testing the PS.

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