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    Computer doesn’t shut down


    by amitprakash.nav ·

    On shutting down, my computer restarts. I have os XP Professional(version 2002)with SP3, AMD Athelon ™ 64 processor.

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      by amitprakash.nav ·

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      It may be encountering an error

      by ic-it ·

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      You may find out by checking your event logs.

      You can uncheck the Automatic restart on error. To find it also;
      Right – click My computer
      Select Properties.
      select the Advanced Tab, then under startup and recovery – The Settings Button.
      Under system failure – Uncheck the Automatically restart.

      Then when you shutdown you should see an error message or a blue screen.
      You can use that to isolate/correct the issue.

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      When i had similar issues….

      by captbilly1eye ·

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      I disconnected all USB devices and the situation went away.

      I then plugged them back in using different ports and the issue never returned.

      The situation you are experiencing can also be caused by a BIOS setting, a faulty modem card, an error that is occurring at shutdown or a peripheral such as a battery-backup (UPS). Try disconnecting all peripherals (printers, scanners, UPS, etc) to see if the issue goes away.

      In another case, where an XP machine was restarting instead of shutting down, I found it was related to a corrupt service. Pinpointing the exact service involved was a little tricky.
      The system shut down properly when I was in Safe Mode. That told me it was a driver or Service issue. So, I first set up a boot menu to easily start up in Safe Mode. Here’s where you can find out how to create a custom boot menu: .
      The next step is to disable non-essential Service to find which one is causing the issue. Here’s a good article for learning about what Services are essential to Windows: . There is also a good article on that topic available in the TechRepublic Downloads section.

      Good Luck.

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