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Computer equipment lifecycles

By khuynh ·
I'm currently working on a 3-year plan on computer equipments for my non-profit organization. I'd like to know about how many years for new desktops (60) and laptops (5) would last and about how much these new desktops/laptops would cost me for these 3-years. Would I be better off buying out these new equipments or leasing them? Your advice will be appreciated.


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Buy or lease

by tmcclure In reply to Computer equipment lifecy ...

I too work for a non-profit. I have about 250 PC's to support. I get about 3 years for my high end users and five years on the other end. I try to upgrade some systems and I pass older ones down.

Lease or buy? First check with your CFO to seewhat he/she prefers. They like to depreciate. I Also I find I can buy PC's at a better price than leasing. I don't buy name brand. A good vendor is Global Computer Supplies ( Good solid PC's and excellent support and return policy. I usually get the 3/5 parts and labor for the extra 10 bucks per machine.

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A couple of things to look at

by James R Linn In reply to Buy or lease

First, what are the technology plans for the next three years - are you going to change office suites or operatings systems or both? That could have a potential impact on how quickly you turn over your PC inventory.

We've been supporting Windows 95 for many years now, and as a consequence, we have many older machines(4,5, and some 6 year old PCs) which are fairly marginal for running Office 2000. As we skip ahead to XP, these will be replaced.

But laptops are a different story. In the hands of a real road warrior who travels alot and/or takes the laptop home every night, you should figure a good laptop will last 2 years. Someone who travels or works from home less often might squeeze it to 3.

In the analyses done here and at previous workplaces, leasing doesn't work out to be a good option unless you turn your computers over sooner than 18 months, which is excessive for most companies. So it might make sense for a temporary workforce expansion, but not for long term employees.


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Re: A couple of things to look at

by khuynh In reply to A couple of things to loo ...

Thanks for your input. Currently, the desktops that we have are PII/400's, 128MB RAM running on NT 4 workstations and with other standard apps like ms office suite 97, etc. However, since I've been working here (a little over a year), I've noticedthat these machines started acting up quite frequently. O/S started crashing, booting takes forever and users have complained to me pretty often, and I got sick and tired of hearing complains. I already briefly discussed with my ACEO, leasing willnot be ideal for my type of environment. That's why I want to see if I can switch both the hardware and OS (probably to Win2k) in order to keep up with today's technology.

As for laptops, I recently purchased two Dell C400 (1.2ghz, 512ram, WinXP, etc.) My mobile users love me more just for making their lives less miserable.


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I wouldn't look at hw to solve problem

by James R Linn In reply to Re: A couple of things to ...

While you may want to look at an OS change, the kinds of problems you are getting aren't necessarily related to the specific OS or hardware as they are symptoms of users messing with their computers.

We have a standardised setup for our computersthat our vendor installs before shipping. It has our config of the OS, our standard software etc. If we really have a problem with the PC (data is stored on network drives) we wipe it and reinstall the base system. Its amazing how this simplifies life.

The next step after that would be locking down the desktop....


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Re: I wouldn't look at hw to solve probl

by khuynh In reply to I wouldn't look at hw to ...

Thanx for your comments.

My users are not that bad to be "locked out" from installing their own apps. I already have created all desktops and laptops images when I first started my employment with this organization. From my past experience, I know having standard images for computers will save me alot of time when it comes to re-do a computer.

However, as you already know, newer software requires newer hardware which really irritates me. Some users need to have for instance, Photoshop 6 and QuarkXpress 4 opened at the same time, and the current pc can't handle it. Probably I should tell them not to open more than one app at a time, shouldn't I?


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by rrgilmore_2001 In reply to A couple of things to loo ...

For starters

1 he is a non profit org. so it doesnt matter

2. it is a monthy bill - profit this =

3 you get the break at the end of the year of quater.

4 with a good cpa you can figure all of this in your taxes and never get in troulbe.
There are more reasons for a NON_PROFIT ORG. to lease than you are looking at.

What turn over your pc every 18 months.

This = less work for me, but most hardware falure is with in the first 24-48 hours of ops.

I do not know about you, but sometime's it gets old piecing together pc's and bring them back to life.

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Re: Buy or lease

by khuynh In reply to Buy or lease

Guess what, I bumped into my ACEO (acting ceo) after I posted my questions in here. From what I found out from the brief conversation between me and her, leasing doesn't seem to be a great idea for her and for us at all. I also was thinking of buying non-branded pc's as the replacement to my current Dell desktops. I have built all kind of non-branded pc's for the past years and never experience any problems.

Thanks for your suggestion about GCS. If you know more suppliers, I'd like to know as well.

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Dell trade-in

by MC_User In reply to Re: Buy or lease

Check with Dell about trading in your old PC's. There might be some value left in them and it would take care of any disposal problems.

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lease it!!!!!!

by rrgilmore_2001 In reply to Computer equipment lifecy ...


you are a non profit org. So if you bought you equiptment out right you would not have the right off for the lease. Do the math crunch the #s.
Owning is fine and dandy if you want to show profit. leasing will give you a monthly bill and you'll be able to upgrade to newer better faster equiptment at the end of the lease.
NO worries

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