computer failing to diplay anything ,just beeping continously.

By miriraim ·
when is switch on my computer ,it's failing to display anything on the monitor,but it's just beeping continously and later the beep stops,nothing displays on the monitor ,seems like there is no communication between the CPU and the monitor.checked the hard drive on a different machine it's fine,power is there on the mother board ,all cables connected are intact.wat myt be the problem?

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Could be just about anything here but start off with the BIOS

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to computer failing to dipla ...

Beep Codes. Listen to the sequence of the beeps and look up what they mean here


This of course relies on knowing who made the BIOS in your Computer Award, AMI, or Phoenix.


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Hard to say without more detail ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to computer failing to dipla ...

Make and model of computer ?
Type of BIOS in this computer (Award, Phoenix, etc)?

What pattern is this continuous beep? Rapid short, rapid long, rapid mixture of short and long?

What was the last thing done with this computer before it was shut down?
Any new hardware fitted?

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Defintly hard to say

by Slayer_ In reply to Hard to say without more ...

My best suggestion right now would be to check your RAM, bad RAM in a system or none at all will make it beep rappdly when you try to boot it up.

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Re-seat your RAM

by Nimmo In reply to computer failing to dipla ...

A continuous beep at POST is normally a RAM issue.

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