Computer fans start for a second then turn off.

By cav1999 ·
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I am building a computer and I did a test boot to see if all the parts were functioning properly. It functioned properly the first time but the next time I tried to boot the computer the fans on my graphics card started then stopped while the cpu fan did nothing. Does anyone know why I'm having this problem. I can include a spec list if that will help resolve the problem.

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check CPU heatsink

by dwyersm In reply to Computer fans start for a ...

The CPU has inbuilt temp sensor, and if temp exceeded it will immediately shut down. Its possible that it reads high immediately, or within a few seconds, of powering up, and will consequently shut down itself and the power supply.
Check the heatsink grease, the mountings for the heatsink, the heatsink is firm against the heatplate on CPU.etc
do the same for the graphics card.

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Most common cause

by mjd420nova In reply to Computer fans start for a ...

The most common fault is a failed power supply. In new units, prebuilt or user built, the shorted power supply line is a difficult to locate problem. Remove the hardware from the case and connect only the essential parts to get a boot. Then begin adding the other cards and drives.

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Clean the golden electrical components on a stick of RAM

by tomhackth In reply to Computer fans start for a ...

Hello Cav1999,

I suggest you to de-assemble the parts of your system and try to re-plug all the wires from the PSU to your mobo. Also, try to clean the golden electrical components on a stick of RAM by wearing the safety gloves because there may be chances that if you touch that golden part with the naked hands, then some of your body oil will smudge onto them which can result into the destruction of the module….

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