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Computer for Elderly: how get it cheap?

By enrico.neri ·
We are based in Europe and we have created ELDY (

Eldy is since 2006 the computer for the elderly.

Eldy is freeware without ads and provides free services (email, chat,etc) to users.

Eldy is in Java and works fine both for linux and windows.We already have hundreds of thousands using it so software is very OK.
We have started to sell some hardware also and we have created ELDYPC ( that is a BIG 19inches touchscreen lcd pc. Fact is: it's big and expensive for us and for the customers.

They pay but they always say... get me something cheap.

How can we find a proper hardware to make it cheap? Any suggestion?

it should be big or at least 15", touch, and cheap.

ah, ... forget eeepc stuff, even myself I get crazy with keyboard

Any idea? lowcost but big and nice ...?
I was in Computex but got no idea

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after some days, I have some ideas

by enrico.neri In reply to Computer for Elderly: how ...

Hi ,
There's new eee-pc coming out with touchscreen (but keyboard is too small) and price about 500 USD.

For a higher price but not that higher I could find 15" touchscreeen.

That is - i think - what is needed. Good industrial fanless pc, touchscreen, 15".
This is good for seniors - so price is low and quality is ok.

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Eldy development ?

by bladibla In reply to after some days, I have s ...

Hi Enrico,

I saw this post of yours concerning Eldy.
I am a software developer myself in the Netherlands, and I just helped my 75-year old mum to get started on the internet using Eldy. It is a great initiative.
However, the dutch translation is somewhat poor, and I experience some bugs. So I am trying to find out how I can contribute to improve Eldy (as a bug-reporter, tester, translator, or whatever).
Up untill now I dit not get any response to my questions on the eldy sites.
Since you appear to be directly involved in the Eldy development, can you tell me where to look?
I found a deleted project on sourceforge. Is Eldy an open source project?

I'm looking forward to a response from you or anyone who knows about the Eldy development.


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Dutch alternative for elderly PC is NovaTouch

by novapeter In reply to Eldy development ?

Hallo Harrie,

We are developing a similar product in Holland for the elderly, a touchscreen solution which integrates Skype, email, agenda, photos, music and games. Please see Note that the site is being updated, it shows old configuration PC's, but we are currently using the HP touchsmart, shuttle X50 and Asus eeetop all in one touchscreen computers.

Best Regards,

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