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    Computer Forensics 101


    by thumper1 ·

    As a Network administrator, I need some basic knowledge on this subject. I have some secretaries and a few Attorneys who treat their company owned computers as their personal amusement parks. I need to be able to find out where these people go and what they do on the Internet. What is the best way to educate myself?

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      by thumper1 ·

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      Open their Web Browsers History

      by oh smeg ·

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      Generally works.

      Though I’m not sure that is what you are asking here.


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        I guess I should have………..

        by thumper1 ·

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        I guess I should have clarified this. The problem people, while quite a ways from being computer literate, are very careful to hide their tracks. They set their browsers to keep no history. They have been real good at deleting all content, including off line and cookies.
        We have a computer use policy that is being reviewed and re-written.
        I have been told that everything they do is stored in a file called index.dat. I am not sure if history information is stored anywhere else, I have downloaded a couple of programs to read this file, so far with mixed results. What I am asking is if there is anything else I could be doing to try to get a handle on what’s going on.

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          save yourself alot of trouble

          by xnavydk ·

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          just get a web blocker like web sense to block unwanted content. As well as get your network use policy in place. really no need to be big brother if you are proactive rather than reactive. although, If they are a remote user you cant use a blocker service if they are wireless or use the laptop at home, get your group policy object for company laptops in place by restricting advance functions in the browser. like the ability to delete cookies, and history. Make sure you have your consent to monitoring policy in place as well.

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      Use a key logger

      by jesus_estrada_escalante ·

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      Try to use a keylogger on every machine that you want

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        Be careful…

        by cmiller5400 ·

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        Be careful; know your laws in your area about employee monitoring.

        If your organization doesn’t have an IT Policy, then it may be time to draft one that covers “acceptable use”

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