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computer freeze

By amirtal2000 ·
i got a new computer (P4 2400Mhz, 512Mb, ATI readon 9600 with 128Mb) and when playing some games the computer just freeze on the current frame, and no sound comes out, it just silence down in a sec.

the thing is, this is only in some games (suffering, manhunt, conflict: vietnam are example) but dosn't happen at all on other games, even heavy ones like doom 3.

sometimes it happens when a CD is inserted (to the CD , CD-RW, or even if mounted with software),
but the same CD works after a restart.

the only solution is to restart the computer.
and some games are compleatly un-playable (in conflict: vietnam the computer hangs after a few seconds max, while other games can play for minutes, and after a while freeze over).

i've already tryed all the basics, and reinstalled winXP SP1 & SP2 , but no good,
i've also tryed removing any software that may interupt, and disconnecting both the CD and the CD-RW, and got the latest drivers from ATI.

plz help...

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by sgt_shultz In reply to computer freeze

have latest directx drivers also, yes?

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by rindi1 In reply to computer freeze

Check the Websites of those games you have problems with for patches. Also check for new drivers for your hardware, particularly for your ATI Radeon card.

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by therukiss420 In reply to computer freeze

The ATI Radeon 9600 has known issues with the games you've mentioned. Those issues have since been fixed with numerous patches and drive updates. Go to ATI's website, download the newest drivers. After you have finished that, you may also go to each of the aboved mentioned games websites. So you may find patches and updates for the game itself. I had a similar problem with my graphics card, and found that it was the way my card was processing certain types of lighting effects and motion effects. After updating drivers and downloading patches for the games I had trouble with, everything worked flawlessly.

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by mfidiel In reply to computer freeze

I think is the problem in the hard drive my be bad sector but ineed more from you

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