Computer Freezes and Black Screen Appears

By kacopia ·
Possibly my last resort. First things first, my cmputer is a Cybermax that was initiallly loaded with Windows 98 and the previous owner reloaded it with WXP SP2 Professional. It has 400 MHz, Was upgraded to 320 RAM, has Radeon 7000 AGP 2x/4x ATI, 12.12 GB, Was recently Validated, re formated pursuant to possible virus, then re-reformatted because the isssues causing the original format persisted. Those were connectivity problems and Freezing screen that went directly to black and the tower had to be turned off using the five second hold method. Upon turning off by hand it would pop back on without my turning it on as soon as it went off. I also have AVG which isn't scanning automatically, I have upgraded to IE7, had the latest version of Java installed, Adobe Shockwave as well, and I switched from AOL Optimized to 9.0 VR Revised 4327.165.

I know my computer is old and most ceertainly outdated, however, it was not freezing to the point of having to be turned off before it was reformated and I took on 76 updates from Windows. The computer goes to black screen or to the BIOS page during all online games, such as "Text Twist", "Mahjong" or "Jigsaw puzzles". I have experienced this occurance during IM's and when merely posting in a site, and it even kicks me to black screen when I'm using the emulators offline.

I have gone into the Modem Diaagnostics with techs and some of the commands have (=?) by them. Four of them in fact, they are:
AT+FCLASS=?; AT#CLS=?; AT+GCI?; AT+GCI=?; I was trying to recall the AT13 Response which escapes me.
Finally, for the first time yesterday I got an error while the screen was frozen. The error was inre "Windows display drivers stopped responding". So today a tech uninstalled and reinstalled them but the problem persists. The error continued to say "The ati2dvag display driver has stopped working normally. Save your work and reboot...

While the error report was up the screen was snow white except for black icons and fonts. After I oked the report the AOL Welcome screen was gray. After shutting that down my desk top was teal.

Again, I know she's an oldie but if she can be repaired, please help me.


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