Computer freezes at start up. Can my i go green smart power surge protector

By lkayne ·
Windows XP sp3
Can my I go green smart power surge protector be cause my computer problems?
Freezing at boot up, avg antivirus stopped ( we weren't able to fix one or more components) start up errors. Then I plugged directly into the wall after two different errors and the computer had be choose start normally or us last known good configuration.
I have been using this power surge for one month.
Also I used misconfig to keep a program from starting i checked that back an choose start up normally. it is hard to see what may have caused the problems and errors I have had each time I start my computer. is the power surge a conflict with my computer?

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Depends normally speaking it shouldn't make any difference

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Computer freezes at start ...

But we would need to know what type of Surge Protector do you have?

Is it a UPS that Filters or just a Surge Suppresser?

Some Surge Suppressers can cause problems when they have been triggered as they are One Use Only and do not work after they have diverted a Spike. When this happens they should just pass the power straight through unfiltered but depending on what it stopped it may be passing the Voltage to Earth and not allowing your computer to have all of the Mains Voltage or even a Sine Wave so Modern Power Supplies may not work correctly.

Of course I don't mean that it's taken a hit from a Spike that happen frequently on Mains Supply it's something out of the ordinary that has happened to cause things like that to happen. Things like a Lightning Strike within 100 Meters for Mains Power or some really screwy fault if you are on Self Generated Power like Low Voltages but at the correct Current.


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Surge protection

by Lori Sanders In reply to Computer freezes at start ...

It is important that you should have to install a surge protection device at your home. Surges are the high voltage spikes that occurs during lightning or something that can damage your home appliances. I have installed a surge protection device at my home. And it is working pretty well I think! None of my appliances got damaged after it is installed. I got it installed from 'The Shock Doctors' at Orillia.

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