Computer Freezes in 20-30 sec Intervals

By mjjarvis16 ·
Recently, my computer has begun freezing. It happens with fair regularity, but does not seem to be tied to any particular schedule or event. I can be in any program typing (email, Word, Excel, anything) and suddenly the text stops appearing on the screen. I still have control of my mouse, I don't get a blue screen, it doesn't shut down on me. It only stays "frozen" for 20-30 sec at a time; and if I continue to type while it is frozen, the text will catch up and appear on the screen once it unfreezes.

I would appreciate any tips on this, it's driving me crazy!


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Something is running

by L-Mo In reply to Computer Freezes in 20-30 ...

Look at your processes. Something may be running in the background. Anti-virus and auto updated software often have scheduled runs. It may be that your anti-virus software is checking for updates.

You could also have an infection of some sorts.

Use task manager or download process explorer by sysinternals (not a promo just a personal favorite).

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hidden process

by sdrucker In reply to Computer Freezes in 20-30 ...

X-Ray PC is one of my favorites for quickly identifying problematic processes.
Have you scanned for viruses and spyware?

Check out bitdefender (free version) if you don't have another free antipsy/antivirus utility.

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Could this have anything to do with...

by mjjarvis16 In reply to hidden process

My instant message service? I've noticed that anytime I've had it open and then exit and try to shut down my computer, it always brings up the screen saying that the MessageAp is not responding and gives me the option to end now. Could this be doing something in the background to slow things down?

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It could

by sdrucker In reply to Could this have anything ...

and there is probably a bad process that is causing it to hang. You might try checking the system for BHO's, spyware, and viruses.

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If your system is clean

by Jacky Howe In reply to Could this have anything ...

after using the Antivirus/Malware check and you still have the problem. Try uninstalling and reinstalling your instant message service.

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another thing to try....

by sdrucker In reply to If your system is clean

from a command prompt, run the following:

netstat -o -n 10

This will (every 10 seconds) show you every network connection. In task manager, under processes, click "view" and "choose columns" amd select "PID" and you can see what each of those connections is affiliated with.

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