Computer Freezes Intermittently

By Booker30 ·
My computer has been freezing intermittently for the past few months and I have finally found the time to fix it, but I have hit a dead end. I thought it was Vista, so I decided to migrate back to Windows XP. I slapped in a new harddrive to load a fresh installation of XP, but I can't finish the job because the computer will freeze before XP loads. (Freezes at different spots.)

So, I know that:
1. It ain't a VISTA problem
2. Can't be malware, as I am using a virgin HD.
3. So it must be HW.

I ran MemTest86+ for 12 hours and had no errors, so it seems that it isn't a memory problem.

The computer would freeze at different times. Some days, I wouldn't have any problems, others I would have to reboot two or three times.

My HW:
MOBO: ASUS P5E3 Deluxe WiFi (Wifi turned off)
ASUS EN8800GTS Video Card
Intel E8400 CPU
Plus another 2GB of SDRAM, can't remember brand
One sony and one samsung DVD r/w drives
MS mouse (USB) and PS2 keyboard. (Had wireless logitech keyboard before baby snapped off wireless receiver and that made no difference to the freezes)

Now that I did the easy stuff, what steps should I do to fix the problem?



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Your power suppy unit (PSU) might be going....

by Peconet Tietokoneet In reply to Computer Freezes Intermit ...

Have you tested another power supply unit?
If not then get another one, it just might cure your problem.

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I would also...

by ---TK--- In reply to Your power suppy unit (PS ...

try removing one stick of ram... eventhough it passed the test... they might be conflicting. I would also look in to what is "stable" timing (for the RAM) and double check the settings in the BIOS.

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