Computer freezes on boot splash screen - continual beeping sound.

By lstiles ·
I have a Dell workstation and I reboot at night when leaving.... When I came in this morning i heard this fast beeping alarm sound and discovered the computer was stuck on the Dell splash screen with the progress bar about half way loaded. I turned the power on and off and it did the same thing. If i hit F12 and go to the start up options screen and select normal it boots okay but every time I restart I have the same problem except the progress bar seems to go further each time. I contacted dell and updated the bios and all my drivers at their direction and it is still doing it. Any ideas?

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Did Dell tell you what the Beeps Mean?

by OH Smeg In reply to Computer freezes on boot ...

As a starting point I would change the BIOS Battery if it's flat you'll get all sorts of screwy Symptoms that have no cure.

As you've updated the BIOS have you reset the Date & Time in this at he very least?

Instead of turning off the Mains unplug the computer for about 30 seconds and allow it to clear. There many have been a Power Spike overnight that has messed up the system.

Turn of the Dell Splash Screen in BIOS what do you see and where is the system hanging?

This sounds like some type of BIOS Error and as by default the BIOS is set to Stop On All Errors it's stopping and attracting attention to get fixed. Aw the system is working normally after you override BIOS I would guess that it's nothing really important but it still needs rectifying. It could be something as simple a a wrong setting in BIOS or something may be unplugged or plugged in that shouldn't be.


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